The Aptitude test

Aptitude or even referred to as ability tests can be classified into two categories – speed tests or power tests.  In the speed tests the questions are relatively straightforward and the test aims to determine how many questions you can answer correctly in the expected time. These are often used in administrative and clerical levels. On the other hand, a power test will presents smaller but more complex questions and they are focused on more professional or managerial levels. So, you can be a professional applying for a managerial position or entry level positions but maybe required to complete an aptitude test!

Why be a part of the postal services?

Postal service workers are well respected workers and are a popular field in recruitment. You can be a postal service clerk selling stamps or delivering mail to homes and businesses or just busy with receiving and processing mail delivery. Either way the job has some great benefits and salary structure. The Postal exam is a competitive federal civil service exams and a minimum score of 70 out of 100 is required. A few things to keep in mind regarding the postal exam:
  • If you don’t achieve the score required, there is a 90-day wait period to retest and the higher you score, you are more likely to get selected
  • There is a time limit and it is important you stick to the limit. Hence, it is essential you are well prepared.

The Hiring Process

The hiring process for the postal services is similar to many other industries. In terms of testing, they use psychometric tests in the recruitment process. This is the way employers are able to assess your intelligence, skills and personality. Postal 473 exam includes 4 sections:
  • Address Checking
  • Forms Completion
  • Coding and Memory
  • Personal characteristic and inventory
And recruiters can use the test results to identify your suitability for work in postal services. The tests are structured to accurately evaluate your capacity to work with others, process information and cope with the stresses of the job. They explore your capabilities, aptitude for the job, and to determine whether your personality fits in with the vision of the organization. The level of difficulty of the postal exam is determined by many factors. The testing is different for graduate or entry level roles than managerial posts.

Practice and Preparation Tips

One, is it comes to you naturally but as these tests are systematically prepared there is defiantly a need for you to be prepared before going through aptitude tests.
  • Practice, practice and some more practice! It is a fact that practice makes you perfect! You can try a live simulation or attempt a Postal exam 473 practice test online as well as it is necessary you take Postal exam 473 test preparation very seriously so see great results. Practicing different or similar types of aptitude tests can improve your performance as well as the results. It is recommended you familiarize yourself with concepts and the types of tests you might face.
  • You should ensure you are well rested and are confident and clear with concepts.
  • Treat the test like you would any other exam
Like any other test preparing for an aptitude is necessary. Preparation makes you confident! While you are undertaking the test you must check how much time you will be spending on each question. This in order to prevent time wasting while getting stuck on a tough question.

To sum things up

Every individual is unique and hold different set of skills and abilities. Such differences make aptitude test suitable for organizations to identify and determine the right candidate for the right job! Aptitude tests allow companies to make more informed decisions regarding the recruitment process. They are effective when used in conjunction with interviews and are most suitable to the vacancy. If you want accuracy in aptitude tests, you need to ensure the job profile and that testing questionnaire correlate to each other. As different tests reflect different skills and abilities!