What is AFOQT Test?

The US Air Force has been testing candidates through the AFOQT test for selecting crème students for official ranks in the military. The AFOQT test has been implemented from the year 1953. This test, in short, examines the overall capabilities of you as a candidate. Over the years, the test has gone through a number of modifications. However, the main goal of the test remains same until today. The goal is to ensure that you as a college graduate get to go through a test for getting an official position in the UA Air Force. Today, the test has become complete MCQ, which is multiple choice question pattern. This test enables to test you’re quantitative as well as verbal abilities.

Who needs to take the AFOQT test?

Candidates like for you instance, who wish to become an officer in the US Air Force will need to sit for the AFOQT test. The test will determine the scores that are required of you to qualify. The scores are divided and help to deduce whether you are eligible for certain roles of the Air Force or not.

The Test Formation

The AFOQT test is actually a multiple-choice question paper. This paper consists of a total of 12 subtests. These tests in total constitute 470 questions. You as a candidate will be given 213 minutes to complete the paper. In short, you will have just 3.5 hours to read the questions and then select the appropriate option to mark the answers. You might think the paper to be long, but actually, it is a much-timed paper and you will definitely need loads of practice to finish the paper before time.

As a candidate you will have just 10 minutes to answer the Instrument comprehension and Math knowledge to answer. The paper has a number of sections, like Arithmetic reasoning, verbal analogies, math knowledge, word knowledge, instrument comprehension, table reading, block counting, aviation information, hidden figures, rotated blocks, general science and self-discovery explanation.

Verbal Analogies 

Verbal angalogies will determine your ability to deduce relationships between various words. You will need to have strong comprehension power to crack through this section.

Arithmetic Reasoning

The Arithmetic reasoning will determine your ability to solve loads of mathematical problems. You will also face word problems and will be asked questions on ratios, percentages, distance and basic geometry as well.

Word Knowledge

The word knowledge paper will determine your ability to understand the meanings of words. This test will require you to study and grow your vocabulary intensively. Math knowledge segment is crucial as it will test your algebra, your factorisation skills, geometry and basic mathematical concepts.

Instrument Comprehension

The instrument comprehension determines your ability to recognise and understand the instruments required to fly the jet. Only practising materials over time can help you to crack the exam. The question paper also consists of block counting paper which has been designed to measure your awareness power. The table reading section will determine whether you are good at reading the tables with Y and X axes.

Aiation Information

The aviation information and general science paper are very important. The papers determine your power to measure your terminology and aviation information level. It also determines your flight control knowledge as well as rotary aircraft functions.

How to beat The Test?

The subtest scores are divided into 5 sets and every set has a fixed percentile between the percentages, 0 to 99. The pilot subset consists of aircraft and quantitative information, as well as knowledge of perceptual speed and aeronautical concepts. The arithmetic reasoning, table reading, instrument comprehension, and pilot score and math knowledge is necessary for this test.

The navigator technical paper is necessary to determine your power to determine your navigation power. The navigation segment comprises arithmetic reasoning, block counting, math knowledge, general science and table reading. The applicants need to score at least 15 in the verbal paper and 10 in the quantitative paper. You will need to score at least 50 in the pilot-navigator segment.


it is necessary that you understand the value of this test and how can it help you to secure a great future. This guide is necessary and will help you to understand the things that you need to follow to crack the examination. By understanding the subset values and the segmentation you can train yourself to practice the different sections of the question paper in timed sequences. Practising the mock questions papers is a very important task that you will need to follow to crack through the paper with great marks. Last but not the least, it is also necessary that you set certain goals for yourself to ensure that you follow them on weekly basis for a great result in the future.