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These are the different of aptitude tests you will likely come across your hiring process.

Role Play Exercises

What are Role Play exercises? Role play exercises is an assessment tool mostly used by employers in industries such as law and sales during the recruitment process to test the ability of candidates for handling problems and dealing with clients. These exercises are usually conducted by a member of the recruitment team or with a […]

Group Exercises

First things first Group exercises for assessment include a set up of case studies, group discussions, and role-play tasks for aspiring candidates during the job application process. Nowadays, many industries organize group exercise sessions to assess the different abilities of candidates like team spirit, communication skills, analytical skills etc. This makes it imperative for aspiring […]

Wiesen Test of Mechanical Aptitude

First things first Wiesen Test for Mechanical Aptitude is a common Mechanical Aptitude test. It is imperative if you want to secure a job and afterward, a career in the heavy machinery and engineering industry. The various job roles that you can get through this aptitude test are those of train drivers, motor mechanics, engineering […]

Bennet Test of Mechanical Comprehension

What is the Bennet Test of Mechanical Comprehension? The Bennet Test of Mechanical comprehension is a test that we used to measure the mechanical problem solving ability of a candidate. More precisely, it evaluates how well an individual can identify the effect of physical forces on mechanics. This test is usually used in the engineering […]

The California Critical Thinking Skills Test

First things first Getting ready with your application for that job and have been asked to take the CCTST? Or perhaps you are a student and the CCTST gives you extra credit? Yet, you have no idea on how to prepare for it. Not to worry, here is a comprehensive guide explaining the CCTST and […]

Spatial Reasoning Test

What is a Spatial Reasoning Test? Aptitude and psychometric tests are one of the most important aspects of getting a job nowadays. Employers stress on psychometric tests to determine your skills, personality, and traits in order to see if you fit the requirement that they desire. Spatial reasoning tests are special tests that assess your […]

Saville Swift Analysis Aptitude

What is Saville Assessment? Saville Assessment is a psychometric assessment business. It is a process which helps organizations to identify properly, select and develop potential teams and individuals. This type of assessment helps you to easily demonstrate your strengths, allows you to make career decisions based on your capabilities, and helps you to gain more […]

Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment

What is the Predictive Behavioral Assessment? The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment helps to provide the accurate pattern of your coral drives. It also also looks into your behaviors and needs. This assessment helps to identify the behaviors of your working place, which makes it easier for you to gain knowledge about the drives and motivations […]

Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PI-LI)

About the guide The Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PI-LI) is a test designed for assessing a candidate’s cognitive skills. These tests have formed an integral part of many firms’ hiring process. Thus, we bring to you a well-written guide that would be your mentor when it comes to these PI-LI/PLI tests. These tests are brought […]

Mechanical Aptitude Test

What is the Mechanical Aptitude test? Mechanical Aptitude tests are examinations designed to measure a candidate’s capacity for understanding physical concepts and mechanical models. The test is used in the evaluation process of a variety of industries and jobs, most common among them being manufacturing and energy industries. The test is also used by the […]