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These are the main test providers and assessment companeis that organizations use for their hiring process

Saville Swift Analysis Aptitude

What is Saville Assessment? Saville Assessment is a psychometric assessment business. It is a process which helps organizations to identify properly, select and develop potential teams and individuals. This type of assessment helps you to easily demonstrate your strengths, allows you to make career decisions based on your capabilities, and helps you to gain more […]

Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PI-LI)

About the guide The Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PI-LI) is a test designed for assessing a candidate’s cognitive skills. These tests have formed an integral part of many firms’ hiring process. Thus, we bring to you a well-written guide that would be your mentor when it comes to these PI-LI/PLI tests. These tests are brought […]

Electronic Data Processing Test

First things first The Electronic Data Processing Test, shortly known as EDPT is primarily used by the Marine Corps and U.S Air Force. As the name of this test already hints, this exam is conducted to pick the right candidates for the Computer Programming and Information Technology positions. Even though the EDPT practice test is […]


What is the WOWi Assessment Test? TheWOWi or World of Work Inventory assessment test is the most reliable and wide-ranging career assessment examination. It is used to assist individuals in their career decisions. The test is designed to help takers realize their potential and discover their professional inclinations towards a certain occupation. Thus, making it […]

Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test

What is the criteria cognitive aptitude test? The criteria cognitive aptitude test is a series of questions which are structured in such a way that they can assess your general intelligence, through psychometric measures. Most major companies in the world use this test to understand whether or not a person is suitable for the job […]

Walmart Assessment Test

What is the Walmart Assessment Test? The Walmart Assessment Test is an examination used to evaluate prospective candidates for employment at Walmart. The test measures their knack for working under supervisors and alongside co-workers, as well as their ability to understand and handle situations relating to customers. Candidates who wish to take the test are […]


First things first In order to get a job as a criminal justice officer, you need to first pass the National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory (NCJOSI). NCJOSI practice test can help you prepare for this test though a number of practice exercises and important test-taking tips to make you pass this test with good […]

Kenexa Prove It Test

First things first If you have been called for the Kenexa Prove It test, then it is time for you to start preparing for the test. Today there are a wide plethora of online sources that will help you to prep for your Kenexa test. Kenexa, being one of the biggest assessment companies in the […]

EEI Tests

What are the EEI tests? The EEI tests are conducted by the Edison Electric Institute for employment in the energy and manufacturing sector. The tests are designed for different industries with job specific questions and fall into categories according to the occupation families. All tests are authorized under federal regulations and cover positions in maintenance […]

DDI Career Battery test

First things first Are you preparing for DDI Career Battery test for getting that new job but not sure what to study? There is ample of material available on the Internet but getting to read genuine information may be a task. However, we have brought an accumulated guide on clearing all the doubts related to […]