What are the Caliper Assessment Tests?

The Caliper Assessment Tests are a set of tests that have proven to assist companies in making successful hires. The tests examine the overall personality of a prospective employee and judge whether the traits and qualities observed are desirable for a particular post. The questions in these personality tests aim at creating a personal profile, focussing on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Caliper Assessment Tests can be taken by both job applicants for various posts as well as the existing employees of a company. The applicants are questioned to be thoroughly examined and profiled. Your talents and perspectives are taken into account and based on them, your usefulness in the company is evaluated. The tests are also aimed at creating more efficient teams by grouping employees who complement each other together. Both individual and team performances can be significantly improved with the help of these tests.

 What do these tests measure?

The Caliper Assessment Tests form a detailed picture of your qualities, abilities and perspectives. Based on the answers provided, the tests attempt to understand how you would tackle a given situation. A wholesome identity is thus created and subsequently analysed.

The test consists of about 180 questions that subtly look for certain prerequisites. The answers provided give the employers an adequate impression of you in terms of your general attitude, your skills at making difficult decisions, your capability to work together and your efficiency at time management.

A comparative study approach is used in the Caliper Assessment Tests. An ideal document of the best performing employee is maintained and updated continuously. The data collected on the potential employees are matched with this model performer and based on whether or not you meet the desired criteria, hires are made. 

Which companies use Caliper Assessment tests for evaluation?

The Caliper Assessment tests are key to the success stories of a myriad of users. Starting from small-scale industries and businesses to world-known companies, these tests help in quick and efficient employee hiring and strengthening of teams within the business family. Clients such as Tricon Energy, BÜCHI, Central Maine Healthcare Corporation, Alta Vista, ifm efector inc, Fortune 500 Homebuilder, Fanciscan Health System, Inova Health System, HIDA, Financial Services Firm, Avis Budget Group and Dassault Falcon Jet use the Caliper Assessment test for screening employees.   

Caliper Assessment Test results

The results of these personality tests are called the Caliper Profile results. The data contained in this proficient business tool is helpful for hiring competent employees, assessing the performance and potential of working individuals and evaluating a small or large group of people to work on improving their performance as a whole. The Profile also provides a benchmark which new candidates can be measured against. The Caliper Profile boasts an impressive 50 years of service in determining an individual’s strong points and forte as well as the faults and undesirable aspects in his or her personality, thus helping companies in hiring and training the best possible staff.

How do I pass the Caliper Assessment Tests?

The questions on the Caliper Assessment Tests are neither descriptive nor do they technically have a ‘correct’ answer. Rather, the multiple choice type questions in these tests are designed so as to test your honesty and competency. Therefore, the questions are set in such a way that their answers reveal to the employer the degree to which you possess the qualities that the company is looking for with regard to the particular job.

The trick here is to analyse and understand what particular trait is desirable given the situation and answer sincerely. It is imperative to remember that answers provided must not be conflicting. For this, being honest usually works rather than choosing the option that seems ‘perfect’. Constant practice helps in familiarising yourself with the pattern and type of questions that you can expect. Being a personality test, the best results can be obtained by portraying an accurate representation of yourself and hoping that the intended job is a good fit with your personality.

To sum things up

The above guide provides a brief understanding of the Caliper Assessment tests and gives tips for the test preparation. Applicants can improve their performance in job interviews by taking the Caliper Assessment Job practice test. The Caliper Assessment practice test helps in understanding the type of questions to be expected. As mentioned in the guide, constant practice of the Caliper Assessment example test helps in providing refined and appropriate answers. The key is to be prepared enough to tackle all of the questions adequately and sincerely. With the help of the Caliper Preparation Guide, job interviews are proven to be a whole lot easier to ace.