This guide provides all information about CEB SHL tests. The aim is to help individuals take up CEB SHL tests with confidence using the information provided here such as:

  • CEB SHL tests information
  • The industries that use CEB SHL tests for evaluation
  • Jobs that use CEB SHL tests
  • How difficult are CEB SHL tests
  • How do CEB SHL tests work
  • The importance of these tests
  • When to take CEB SHL tests
  • CEB SHL practice test
  • CEB SHL Test preparation
  • The abilities and knowledge you should possess to pass CEB SHL Tests

CEB SHL practice give the candidates the required confidence to take up the actual test. The practice test comes with solutions to the questions.


  1. Verbal Reasoning test:

In this test, generally candidates have to read a passage which will be followed by some statements /questions. The candidates have to carefully understand the keywords and answer the questions. This test is designed to determine whether the candidate is able to comprehend written information.

  1. Numerical Reasoning test:

This test is used to analyze how well a candidate can understand tables consisting of numerical data and his ability to think logically. Using the figures given the candidates have to answer the questions. Use of paper /calculator is permitted; however it is not allowed in all the tests.

  1. Inductive Reasoning Test:

You must be able to make inferences if you take up this test. You should also know the relationships among the different concepts.

  1. Deductive Reasoning Test:

The candidate must be able to draw conclusions logically, on the basis of the data provided.

  1. Personality Test:

This test aims at testing the candidate’s behavior when he is at work. The employers are curious in knowing the candidate’s personality traits as they want to make sure whether the individual fits the job role to which he has applied.

  1. Work Behavior assessments:

These assessments are designed to determine the candidate’s behavior when he is at work.

  1. Situational judgement Test:

This test determines a candidate’s ability to judge circumstances in his work place. The test provides a situation and the candidate has to select a response that he thinks would be ideal.

  1. Mechanical Comprehension test:

These tests are used to analyze the candidate’s ability to use, troubleshoot and do maintenance on machines and equipments.

  1. Reading Comprehension Test:

You should be able to read and extract appropriate information and judge on that basis.

  1. Calculation test:

The candidate should have the knowledge of mathematical equations and must be able to solve the problems.

  1. Spatial Reasoning test:

This test analyzes the candidate’s ability to rotate shapes visually.

  1. Diagrammatic Reasoning test:

This test determines the candidate’s conceptual reasoning skills. This test presents a set of shapes and the candidate has to unearth the next shape.

Which industries use CEB SHL tests for evaluation?

Banking /Finance


Customer Service




What kind of jobs are using CEB SHL tests for evaluation?

Managerial jobs where you have to take critical decisions


Operational and technical jobs

Clerical jobs



Financial controllers

Major companies that use CEB SHL Tests

  1. Exxon Mobil – Numerical Reasoning test
  2. Ford Motor – Numerical Reasoning test, Inductive reasoning test
  3. Microsoft – Inductive Reasoning test
  4. JP Morgan – Numerical test, verbal test, technical test
  5. Barclays – Reasoning test

How do CEB SHL tests work?

CEB SHL tests come in various types, designed for assessing the candidate’s knowledge, skills and abilities during the recruitment process. Many top businesses use CEB SHL tests to hire the best candidates for jobs in their organizations. CEB SHL tests are the main criteria for selection in many organizations worldwide.

The various tests such as numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, Personality, calculation tests are designed to test the candidate to assess whether he is capable to carry out the roles and responsibilities of the job for which he has applied.

The first round of CEB SHL tests is done electronically. The candidates will get a link to the test and it will be timed. Those who qualify will have to take a second test to avoid any fraud during which, there will be an invigilator to monitor the candidate. These tests also put stress on the candidates to measure their ability. CEB SHL tests are an efficient way of analyzing your ability. Employers measure the candidate’s potential and compare it with the average level of a norm group that is, a group having comparable characteristics to find out whether he/she would be successful in the job.

While taking the CEB SHL test, you have to be extra cautious while reading the questions because you might miss out key data out of tension. Carefully analyze the given data and arrive at the appropriate conclusions.

These tests are very competitive and you need a lot of preparation to perform well. Make sure you prepare well to get through the screening and grab your dream job!

How difficult are CEB SHL tests?

Some candidates find the numerical reasoning tough while some others find verbal reasoning difficult. Though it may be agreed that CEB SHL tests are not that easy, it can be cracked with a methodical approach and continuous practice. There are lot of practice tests that you can use to familiarize yourself with the pattern of these tests.

How important are CEB SHL tests for evaluating a candidate?

CEB SHL tests work with many top organizations all over the world. Many Fortune 500 companies use these tests for recruitments. CEB SHL tests are designed for a variety of job levels and roles and are very efficient. CEB SHL tests are used by employers to analyze your knowledge and skills to find out whether you would fit well for the job. 

When should you take CEB SHL tests?

You can start taking CEB SHL practice test as soon as you leave your university. Practice CEB SHL test sample questions. Be confident before you take up the actual test.  CEB SHL tests can also be taken when you want to change your job or the field you are working in. It is just that you have to prove your skills.

What kind of abilities or knowledge should you have to pass CEB SHL test?

There are many kinds of tests. The higher grades test your aptitude and mathematical knowledge and the lower job grades will test you with respect to its domain. So be ready in your field and take up practice tests often. Get to know what the test looks like and take up the actual test once you are confident. The tests are time bound. So you should know time management.

Take up CEB SHL practice tests again and again so that you can answer the questions faster. You also need perfection to be successful. And perfection can be attained only by practice!

CEB SHL test Practice tips – CEB SHL test preparation

  1. Practice CEB SHL tests often

CEB SHL tests are more of aptitude and reasoning. You need to have a methodical approach. Practice frequently by answering CEB SHL test sample questions. Learn to identify key words.

  1. Be thorough with the basics

Learn the basics well, especially for numerical and verbal reasoning. Experience different types of questions and formats. This will give you confidence.

  1. Time Management is the key

CEB SHL tests have a specified time within which you have to complete. You will be under great pressure as employers will be testing your capability. So you need to be quick and precise. Carefully go through the instructions when you start the test. You should know how much time you have to spend on each question.

  1. Comfort Zone

Choose a time that you are most comfortable with -you should be relaxed and energetic. Don’t take up the test when you are hungry, tired or deprived of sleep. Keep your pen, paper and calculator ready and find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

  1. Do not hurry; Plan your time.

Practice tests expose you to a variety of questions and also builds confidence. Take up practice tests and succeed in the company assessment and get set to work in prestigious organizations!


Why preparing for CEB SHL test is important?

CEB SHL is an international company that provides companies all over the world with aptitude tests to screen the candidates and hire the best people for their organizations.  CEB SHL tests are of high value. Pass these tests, and be assured of your dream job. This is a highly competitive test and so, preparation counts!