What are the different CUT-E Assessment tests?

The CUT-E Assessment is a type of psychometric test used by companies to test different aspects of their potential employees. Though one of the many such tests on the market, CUT-E manages to stand out as the applicants have a very short time-span during this test. The test goes on for no more than 12 minutes, within which the applicants have to make or break their opportunities.

The CUT-E offers a number of different kinds of tests, each of which is aimed at a particular aspect. The aptitude tests offered by CUT-E are divided into the Numerical Ability test, the Verbal Ability test, the Abstract Logical Ability test, the Cognitive Ability test and the Special Knowledge or Skills test; the names of the tests are self-explanatory as to what kind of questions are asked in each.

Apart from the aptitude tests, the CUT-E also offers a number of questionnaires. The Situational Judgement Questionnaires judge how you would react and maintain yourself in the face of a conflict or a crisis at the workplace. The CUT-E Personality, Values and Integrity Questionnaires test your personal traits. Different companies look for different qualities in their employees, and these are examined by this particular test.

What do these tests measure?

The aptitude tests offered by CUT-E measures your proficiency on different levels. The Numerical Ability test and the Verbal ability test judge your knowledge with numbers and capability to adhere to instructions. Logical and practical reasoning is measured by the Abstract Logical Ability test. The Special Knowledge test is a little bit more advanced, and measures your proficiency in the use of language, grammar, vocabulary and spelling. Additionally, it also tests your aptitude in ten different languages which include English, Czech, German, Norwegian, Greek, Spanish, Finnish, Russian, Portuguese, and Swedish. The Questionnaires measure your personal qualities.

Which companies use CUT-E Assessment test for evaluation?

Numerous companies use the these tests to screen the applicants who appear for job offers. The companies use the CUT- E tests for varied positions, planning the content of each test accordingly. Large multinational companies like Airbus, Rolls Royce, Ernst and Young, Accenture, Dell, Red bull and others use the tests for screening candidates for different positions such as that of engineering, management and graduate schemes. Other companies like PwC, KPMG, Morrisons, Burger King, easyJet, Standard Life, BNP Paribas and Aer Lingus also make use of the CUT-E Assessment.

How do I pass the CUT-E Assessment tests?

The CUT-E Assessment tests are logical aptitude and personality trait tests that cannot be prepared for by traditional modes of study. The fact that the questions asked during these tests are not based on specific subjects makes it unconventional and challenging. The other challenging aspect of the these Assessment tests is that they have very strict time constraints. Some tests can be as short as only a few minutes.

In order to pass the CUT-E exam, the only preparation is practice. There is no short-cut to do well in the this Assessment. The first and foremost necessity is to get familiarized with the test. The questions asked during the test are not only varied but also slightly complex. You have to know the general pattern of the test, and the kind of questions that they ask. Hence, this can only be achieved by taking various practice tests and exam prep tests.

To sum things up

The CUT-E Assessment test preparation is quite a challenging affair. This guide aims to provide ample information about the content, pattern and different aspects of the test. The CUT-E Assessment practice test is mandatory for those wishing to successfully pass the screening of the various companies. Constant practice of the example questions will enable you to be confident while you apply for the actual assessment. Job interviews prove to be a whole lot more manageable because of the CUT-E Assessment Career practice exam.

Should I prepare for the Cut-E Assessment test?

It is important to prepare for the CUT-E Assessment test as this is one exam that could determine whether or not you get your dream job. This exam can seem to be a bit complex at the first glance. If you are not well prepared for it, the chances of you impressing your employer is reduced drastically.