What are the EEI tests?

The EEI tests are conducted by the Edison Electric Institute for employment in the energy and manufacturing sector. The tests are designed for different industries with job specific questions and fall into categories according to the occupation families. All tests are authorized under federal regulations and cover positions in maintenance and construction.

How many different types of EEI tests exist?

The categories of EEI tests include:

MASS: Power Plant Maintenance Positions Selection System

MASS is used for hiring people in positions where employees are required to maintain fossil, hydroelectric, or nuclear power plants. These include machinists, welders, electricians, mechanics, and pipe fitters.

CAST: Construction and Skilled Trades

The EEI test CAST is taken by individuals who wish to work in three particular fields, namely facilities and equipment; transmission and distribution; and meter reader, service and repair. However, apart from these areas, CAST is also sometimes taken by other professions in the construction and skilled trade industry.

POSS: Plant Operator Selection System

The POSS test is mainly taken by employees seeking jobs as operators of power plants. These include hydroelectric, fossil, or nuclear plants operator, nuclear reactor operators, and control room operator.

TECH: Technician Occupations Selection System

TECH is an EEI test taken by candidates who wish to contest for technical jobs in laboratories like environmental technician, telecommunications technician, communications technician, distribution and planning technician, drafter, and estimator. The eligibility for these occupations is usually college degree, but some companies allow applicants to take the test without one.

SO/PD: Systems Operator/Power Dispatching Positions Selection System

SO/PD helps select employees for jobs like system controllers, system operators, and power dispatchers which require knowledge of energy control.

MRAB: Meter Reader Aptitude Battery

The test is used to evaluate candidates for jobs which would require them to read meters and record data.

SASS: Support and Administrative Selection System

This test is used for wide variety of administrative jobs in the electric utility family.

CSR: Customer Service Representative Test Battery

The CSR is a computer based test which is intended to test applicants for positions like call representatives, customer service representatives, and payment center representatives. The exam works by presenting candidates with a collaborative experience that resembles the responsibilities they will be assigned on the job, and measuring their ability to deal with and solve the crisis.

CADI: Career Assessment and Diagnostic Instrument

The CADI is a general test which centers on economical career planning and development assistance for employees in varied range of positions. It tests employees on the basis of their elementary skills, aptitudes, professional interests, their approach towards work and their occupational inclinations.

Which companies use EEI test for evaluation of employees?

The EEI tests can be given by any electric company during the hiring process to measure the professional proficiency, knowledge, and abilities of a candidate for a job and their promise to perform well in the industry.

How do I pass the EEI tests?

Taking the EEI tests consists of several steps, the first and foremost being filling out an online application. The submission of the application begins the process of the exam. This is followed by the prescreening stage which compares the expertise and experience of a candidate with different EEI employment tests to determine which one of the above mentioned test they will be required to take. Once the candidate has successfully passed the test for the position they applied for, they undergo the screening stage which consists of an interview and procedures like drug tests and criminal background checks. To pass the EEI test, an individual needs to pass all these levels of the test.

Why is it important to prepare for the EEI test?

As mentioned above, the EEI tests are used to calculate a candidate’s competency for an industrial job and thus forms an integral part of the recruitment process. Questions are asked on math, spatial understanding, and technical and mechanical awareness. The test also consists of reading passages and situations to check organizational effectiveness and ability to handle a crisis. The questions vary in difficulty level and the candidate is required to solve them in the allotted time. Therefore, preparation and prior training is vital for passing the EEI, which is a crucial step to secure employment.

To sum things up

The above article concisely sums up the pattern, subject matter, and assessment procedure of the EEItest. It will help you get a comprehensible understanding of all important aspects of the test and will hence enable you to prepare for the exam through practice tests and example tests. To ensure proper test preparation, take aid from practice tests so as to know what to expect on the day of the test.

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