First things first

The Electronic Data Processing Test, shortly known as EDPT is primarily used by the Marine Corps and U.S Air Force. As the name of this test already hints, this exam is conducted to pick the right candidates for the Computer Programming and Information Technology positions.

Even though the EDPT practice test is widely known for its difficulty, one can pass it with the right preparation and resources. This guide about the EDPT test is going to demonstrate the process of the EDPT test along with all the details you must know before preparing for it. Try to grasp all the details properly to ensure yourself that you can prepare for the test with accurate knowledge. This guide takes you through the types of questions you get in the test and a few other key details like the duration of test and the number of questions.

What is the EDPT test?

EDPT is mainly purposed for the selection of candidates for the computer and technology related jobs in various fields. These tests are usually conducted at the Military Entrance Processing Stations.

How does the EDPT test work?

The EDPT test is mainly aimed to judge the logical reasoning of the applicants. The candidates are given a total of 90 minutes to complete the EDPT job practice test. In this time, the application needs to choose the answers for 120 questions. All these questions are multiple choice in nature, with five answers for each question, to be more precise. Each job position that you’re aiming for, have different scores needed to be selected. For example, the minimum score needed to be scored for the AFSC Computer Programmer position is 71, whereas the Technical Applications Specialist position needs a score of at least 57 to be considered. The test is not computerized, which you need to take it on a paper.

The EDPT test comprises of four sections which are Analogies, Algebra Word Problems, Sequencing Patterns, and Geometric Analogies.

  • Analogies:

This part of the test can be defined as simple yet tricky. Usually, people who’re good at everyday analogies can score pretty well. Others can simply prepare for the test beforehand by acquiring the right information about this EDPT practice test section.

  • Algebra Word Problems:

This section of the EDPT test mainly requires you to solve the algebra mathematical problems and some word problems as well, with the usage of Algebra. Even though, the mathematical nature of this section may not be a very difficult thing to deal with, the time constraint can make things hectic if not focused properly.

  • Sequencing and Patterns:

The candidates are required to perform multiple mathematical operations of sequential numbers. Some of these mathematical calculations include multiplying, adding, subtracting, and a few more. The numbers given in the sequence are ordered with a relation, which you need to figure out in order to carry out the calculation and eventually find out the correct answer.

  • Geometric Analogies:

This is very similar to the first section of the test, but with the geometrical aspect. You will be given multiple frames among which you see different geometrical shapes, for which you need to find the analogies. It can get a little tricky with this section, as it usually needs a lot of your focus to solve these problems.

What kind of jobs use EDPT test for evaluation?

The EDPT test is mainly used to evaluate the candidates for the computer related positions of the military services. The Air Force department and the Marine Corps are the two branches that utilize this test to select the right candidates for the appropriate positions.

How difficult is the EDPT test?

The EDPT test is infamous for its complexity and difficulty among the crowds. The questions of this test may not be the difficult part here, but the time is. Candidates are asked to answer a total of 120 questions in the time span of 90 minutes, which gives an average of 45 seconds for each question.

How important is EDPT test for my evaluation?

Getting a good score in the EDPT test may not score you a job directly. On the other hand, it sure can take you a long way. The scores of this test determine the logical ability of an application, which is important for the computer related jobs. Moreover, this test is the stepping stone of an application process for the job.

What kind abilities or knowledge do i need to know to pass the EDPT test?

To pass and score well in the EDPT test, you must have decent to strong skills at logical and aptitude reasoning which includes Mathematics, Geometry, Analogy, and a few more.

EDPT test practice tips

  • Always try to focus your complete mind on solving the problems in the time of EDPT test preparation and real-time test as well.
  • Try to complete the easy questions first and deal with the complex ones later.
  • Manage your time properly; it can go a long way.

By now you may have read about the key insights about the EDPT career practice exam. Don’t neglect the important factors such as time constraint and the number of questions of this test. Preparing beforehand for this test can really help you be leaps and bounds. This is simply because this test can really improve your chances of getting the job. The EDPT practice test can be helpful if you give some time and energy for the preparation. The above-mentioned question categories are tricky in real-time for which you really should focus on mastering those skills. There are some EDPT example test online, which you can make use of while the preparation.