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Curious to know how to get selected in Exxon Mobil-one of the top 10 companies in the world? This brief article throws light on some of the most significant aspects of the Exxon Mobile Assessment Test and what to expect in the interviews. The main objective of this assessment test is to gauge your intelligence and skill sets.

A word about the Guide

The aim of this article is to provide assistance to candidates who are interested in a job position in Exxon Mobil. The article highlights some of the important assessments conducted by the company and different types of interview processes.

An Overview of the Exxon Mobile Assessment Test

There are a series of five tests which is designed to test your level of intelligence and skills.

Numerical applications

The numerical application test mainly focuses on your ability to use and apply numerical systems. The test consists of basic mathematical questions that include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It also tests your ability to correlate with numbers and your knowledge in English measurement system.

Reading comprehension

Exxon Mobile assessment test also includes a reading comprehension test that gauges your ability to read different types of written text in English that are related to your work. You are provided with a number of paragraphs on different topics. You are then required to answer a few questions from this paragraph. With this test, they are able to assess your skills in defining words and recognizing facts.

Data Accuracy

The assessment test further gauges your capability to locate information and classify data in an accurate manner. Data accuracy test includes various types of tables and graphs which display information. The test begins with a series of questions that must be answered based on the information provided on the graphs.

Use of information

Exxon Mobil also uses a test to check your ability to process information from a set of graphs and tables provided by the company. These graphs include different types of information which must be categorized based on its relevance. You will find a set of questions along with the graphs and tables where you are required to focus and grasp information, before finding conclusions. You will also need to identify if there is a need for additional information.

Mechanical aptitude

This test by Exxon Mobil measures your ability or skill while dealing with mechanical concepts and devices. The test includes different types of problems based on mechanical theory. The test includes questions and some mechanical drawings that must be answered accurately.

The hiring process at Exxon Mobil

If you are interested in a career at Exxon Mobil, you can access the official website of the company to search for opportunities. Firstly, you can search for job openings based on your background and skill set. Secondly, you can search for opportunities based on locations.

Before you apply for a job, ensure that your resume is crafted in a way to meet the requirements of the company. The first step of the hiring process involves reviewing your resume. The most qualifying candidates are selected for interview within 2-8 weeks. You are contacted by the company to provide more information through the company’s career website.

Preliminary assessment

Some of the job opportunities require preliminary assessments that include aptitude test, technical and mechanical tests and so forth. The assessment tests will vary according to the location and position. Once the initial resume screening process is completed, the company will contact you through email if further assessment is required.

Interview Format at Exxon Mobil

There may be multiple interviews at Exxon Mobil and it will allow you to meet our recruiting team and obtain a clearer picture about the company. You will be contacted through email with details such as the location of the interview, format and dress code. The most common interview processes include the following

On-campus interviews

The recruiting team of the company pays visits to university campuses and colleges and chooses students who are interested in internships, permanent positions and apprenticeships.

Phone or Skype interview

For majority of the positions, the company contacts you by phone to assess your skill sets and interest level. Skype interviews are also common for some positions. You will be invited for an in-person interview, if the preliminary interview is a success.

Technical interviews

On-site interview is inclusive of technical interviews which gauges your ability to solve technical problems.

Research interviews

The interview panel also includes a group of researchers to whom you will be asked to present your thesis or research.

You will meet multiple interviewers and managers during the in-person interview. The interviewers will review your resume and the results of the interview and make recommendations accordingly.