How to prepare for the FBI test?

A job in the FBI is highly sought after, due to the perks that come with the employment. Not only it is tough to get the job with the high level of competition, many applicants don’t even have the right knowledge and information that’s required for the preparation. The FBI recruitment process actually comprises of two phases named Phase 1 and Phase 2.

This guide takes you through the brief process of the FBI test and the hiring process of the FBI. Every important detail about the FBI test such as the duration of the exam, types of questions asked, and many more details can be found in this guide. Along with the FBI test, the hiring process for the FBI also consist of several other procedures, about which you can find out in the guide in the following paragraphs. Make sure that go through all the information to ensure that you’re completely knowledgeable about the FBI test, FBI Job practice exercise, and the hiring process.

What is the FBI test?

Usually known as the Phase 1 test, the FBI Special Agent Exam is a complex test of several factors and qualities of the applicants. The duration of this test is three hours, which consists of tests spreading across multiple spectrum such as logical reasoning ability, behavioral skills, and Cognitive skills. Candidates who score the minimum required marks go to the next Phase in the recruitment process. Since this is the first and foremost test of the procedure, applicants must consider this exam with high regards, since it is what takes the candidates to the next level.

How does the FBI test work?

The FBI phase 1 test is a three-hour long exam. It consists of total five exams which are multiple choice questions in nature. Following are the five exams a candidate is required to take in this test:

  • Logical Reasoning:

Many people are usually familiar with this exam section of the FBI test. Several passages are presented with multiple facts and details which are followed by a few questions about the information that’s presented in the passages. These questions are specifically designed in such a way, the ability to think and execute logically of the candidate can be determined. This section usually contains about 40 to 50 questions for which the applicant is allotted 90 minutes of time to answer.

  • Figural Reasoning

Problem-solving skills are highly important for an FBI officer or any other FBI professional. This part of the test exactly helps to determine the level of problem-solving skills and similar essential skills of an applicant. The candidates are given several images of multiple shapes and are required to select the right answer of an images that logically suits the appropriate pattern. The questions in this section of test consist of several shapes and patterns that should be matched by the applicant. There are a total of 9 questions in this exam.

  • Personality Assessment

A total of hundred questions are presented in this section of FBI test. All of these questions are related to the personality elements. This section is assisted in the process of determining the right person with the personality traits that suits the job.

  • Interests and Preferences

This section of the test is a little similar to the previous one. 37 questions are given to the applicant, which are related to the personal attitudes for different statements and situations.

  • Situational Judgement Exam

This part of the FBI test is quite a tricky one, in which the candidate is given details and explanations of several problematic situations along with multiple answers of different solutions or actions. The application must choose the appropriate answer for the particular situation by personal judgement and logical reasoning. A total of 19 questions are presented in this part of the FBI test.

Why become a part of the FBI?

Being an FBI agent or officer comes with a lot of perks attached, along with handsome pay. Additionally, the FBI is one of the highly regarded government agencies. The benefits of the jobs at FBI are very good compared to several other government agencies. For people who’re passionate about fighting crime and making the country a better place, the FBI can be a great deal.

The hiring process for the FBI

There are several brief phases involved in the process of hiring a candidate for the job at FBI. All these steps are tailored to make sure the right candidate is hired for the position. The applicant must get a good knowledge about this information to plan a proper FBI exercise preparation. Let’s have a look at these main procedures of the hiring process for the FBI:

  • Application Phase:

The first and foremost step in the hiring process is submitting your online application through the FBI web portal. The application form requires to fill in several of your details such as the information about your specialized skills, any other professional experiences, and much more. The applications form also asks you questions about your willingness to commit and dedicate yourself to the agency and its vision and mission. FBI has a physical fitness requirement criteria for which you need to be eligible as well.

  • Phase 1 Test

Applicants who meet the initial requirements and pass through the application phase are required to take this test. This test is a three-hour test consisting of various questions about multiple skills. In the case of a successful test, the candidates will be invited to a ‘Meet & Greet’ themed interview in which you will get more information about the next phases of the recruitment process.

  • Internal Review

After the application process and Phase 1 test, the candidates who perform well are processed through a review process by the recruitment team to make sure that applicants meet the requirements of the FBI.

  • Phase 2 Test

This phase of the FBI recruitment process consists of two procedures. A 90-minute written test is required to be taken by the applicants, which is followed by an interview. The interview is one-hour structured type which helps in determining your skills and abilities. The candidates who pass this phase are offered a job after the completion of a final physical fitness test.

How difficult is the FBI test?

The FBI test can be described as one of the most difficult tests that are conducted by the government agencies for the recruitment. Although the difficulty of this test is high, those who prepare properly can pass through the test with ease. So, make sure that you go through a proper FBI career practice exercise.

How important is the FBI test for my evaluation?

The FBI test is the stepping stone for an application if the process of hiring process for the FBI. Candidates are progressed to the next phases only if they pass the initial FBI test which spreads over three hours. The higher marks you score, the higher chances you have to be hired.

What kind of abilities or knowledge do i need to know to pass the FBI test?

The FBI test is mainly focused on testing and determining your logical thinking and situational judgment skills. Additionally, candidates who possess high levels efficiency in judging a problematic situation can pass the test with relative ease.

FBI test practice tips

  • Train your brain to acquire higher levels of problem-solving skills.
  • Practice logical thinking and reasoning.
  • Be prepared to think fast and answer the questions quickly.