First things first

If you have the desire to pursue a career in firefighting, then you need adequate preparation for the written exam. Although there are considerable amount of study materials and resources available online and offline, choosing the most accurate material can be quite challenging. This guide will help you to know the different aspects of the firefighter exam and how you can prepare for it.

This comprehensive yet simple guide will help you to analyze various characteristic features of the exam in a simple manner. It also explains how you can enhance your potential and land that dream job of a firefighter and live for a noble cause.

About the Guide

This guide is a well researched piece of information developed by professionals to enlighten those who are interested in the career of a firefighter. The guide simplifies various complex issues pertaining to the test so that it appears easy to the applicant. It gives information related to pre-requisite abilities, practice tips and how to score high and above average in the exam.

What is the Firefighter Exam?

The firefighter exam is an assessment that you must pass to become a firefighter. There is an entry level written test which tests the aptitude of the candidates. It includes recalling capability, speed of completion and cognitive skills. The test is crafted to evaluate the ability of the candidate to think and process information accurately.

The minimum requisite to appear for the firefighter exam is high school education but adequate preparation for the test is highly essential in the competitive field to pass the exam. Although firefighter exams are similar in different regions, it is not consistent. The analysis pattern may change from one state to another. The recruiting process also varies according to municipality and state.

How difficult is the firefighter exam?

The firefighter exam includes nine ability areas and a practice exam. However, as explained earlier, the tests may vary from one state to another. But there are some uniform tests which are conducted in every firefighter exam. With basic education and proper preparation, it is possible to pass the exam with a high score.


Firefighter exam is an integral part of recruiting firefighters in the state. It assesses the ability of the candidate in specific areas which are essential for the job of a firefighter. The test also prepares the candidates for the physical exam.

Contents of the Firefighter Exam

Written comprehension

This test is designed to evaluate the ability of the candidate to comprehend written language. It tests the capability to understand words and sentences or in other words the ability to receive information and understand it perfectly.

Information ordering

It tests the ability of the candidate to use information in specific sequences. It judges the potential of the candidate in identifying what needs to be done at a particular point of time or in case of emergencies.

Written expression

The written expression test revolves around the capability of the candidate to use language skills so as to communicate with other people effectively. Candidates are tested for knowledge of grammar, distinction of words and sentences and so forth.

Deductive reasoning

This test gauges the ability of the candidate to take logical decisions based on the severity of the situation.

Problem sensitivity

The problem sensitivity test evaluates the potential of the candidate to identify the problem or the elements of the problem.

Observation and memory

This test is designed to judge the observation and the memory power of the candidates. For example: memorizing the layout of the building so that victims can be saved at the time of fire and so forth. The questions involved in this test will be related to such incidents.


This is another aspect that is tested in the firefighter exam- the candidate’s ability to visualize how things would appear when it is rearranged.

Spatial orientation

It tests the capacity of the candidate to relate to an object or location. The candidate must be able to locate his/her position in a map by relating to the surrounding environment.

Inductive reasoning

Inductive reasoning tests the power of the candidate to merge useful information and draw conclusions. It is basically the ability to understand how different events are interlinked with one another.

Practice Exam

The practice exam consists of 30 questions and candidates need proper preparation for this exam. Most of the questions are quite similar to the actual exams so it is easy to score high with practice and repetition.

Physical capability test

Firefighter exam also consists of physical capability test which involves simulation of various fire-related activities such as lifting a charged hose, carrying fire equipment and so forth. This test is physically demanding so it is pertinent to practice months before the actual test.


This comprehensive guide is the answer to all the basic queries related to firefighter exam. It explains the contents of the exam and what the candidates can expect in the test. It also highlights the different facets of the exam and how the candidates should prepare for each test.

Why preparing for the firefighter exam is important?

Even though the minimum experience required for firefighter exam is high school graduation, ample practice and preparation is very essential to pass the exam. As it is a competitive field, candidates need to score above average to stand apart from the rest of the crowd. As all firefighter exams are non-uniform, it is pertinent to check with specific department before applying for the test.