Know everything you need about IBM Kenexa Tests

This is a guide to all those who are attempting IBM Kenexa test. It covers key information such as:

  • Information related to IBM Kenexa tests
  • The industries that use IBM Kenexa tests for evaluation
  • Jobs that are using IBM Kenexa tests for evaluation
  • IBM Kenexa tests – how they work and how difficult are they to crack
  • How important are the IBM Kenexa tests for the evaluation of a candidate
  • When should you take IBM Kenexa test
  • What kind of abilities and knowledge should you have to pass IBM Kenexa tests
  • IBM Kenexa practice test
  • IBM Kenexa test preparation

Practice tests are also available to enable the candidates to take up the actual test more confidently.


Preparing for IBM Kenexa test is important as it is the main selection criteria in the hiring procedure in many organizations. If you want to get through the screening process and get selected, you have to prepare for this test. The questions will be based on your domain and other aptitudes and you have to complete the test within the specified time. So it requires preparation!

IBM Kenexa is a company which provides services such as recruitment process (which is the core of HR management for attracting and selecting the right candidate to the right job), On boarding the new employees to the organization culture and assessment of employees.

IBM Kenexa Tests

  1. Advanced Reasoning – Psychometric skills are tested in these aptitude tests
  • Numerical Reasoning test: In this test, data will be provided. The candidates have to answer them using the given information. The data may be in the form of tables, charts or diagrams. This test is designed by IBM Kenexa to test the candidate’s ability to understand tables of numerical data and his logical skills. The time duration for this test will be 20 – 35 minutes.
  • Verbal Reasoning test: This test has been designed by IBM Kenexa to test how capable the candidate is to read and infer the information. The candidates have to read the passages given and answer the questions. This will have multiple choice -True, False, Cannot say – and the candidate has to choose one option using the information given in the passage. The time duration for this test is 18 – 25 minutes.
  • Logical Reasoning test: A series of shapes will be given and the candidate has to find the missing shape /pattern. This test is designed to assess whether the candidate is capable to arrive at the right solution based on the given data.
  • KenexaCAT – The Computer Adaptive Test (CAT): This newly designed test poses a set of questions to the candidate and as he progresses, there is an increase in the difficulty level.

More Tests

  1. Career Fit test: The purpose of this test is to gauge the personality and competency of the candidate. Many companies use career fit test to recognize the best candidate based on their preferences; not just job descriptions.
  2. Culture Fit test: Some jobs and work places demand specific personalities. This test analyzes whether the person can get along with the company values.
  3. Job Fit test: This test will assess the candidate’s suitability for the job he has applied for.
  4. KenexaKPIs – They are a set of indicators used by employers to emphasize whether a candidate’s behaviors would get along with the job role. For example co-ordination with the team members.
  5. KenexaProve It: This is a broad platform which includes over 1,200 tests. The tests may be with respect to skill requirement for the job or general or may be for competency testing.

    Industries that use IBM Kenexa tests for evaluation

    • IT -Computer Software and services
    • Healthcare
    • Financial Services
    • Banking
    • Insurance
    • Higher Education

    What kind of jobs are using IBM Kenexa tests for evaluation?

    Billing in healthcare and other industries

    Accounting jobs

    Banking jobs

    Software services

    Team leaders and managers

    Industrial jobs

    Technical and clerical jobs

    call center jobs

    Major companies that use IBM Kenexa tests for evaluation

    Balfour Beatty Numerical reasoning tests
    Nomura Numerical reasoning tests
    Bank of America Situational judgement tests
    Merrill Lynch Situational Judgement tests
    CVS Caremark Situational judgement tests


    Grant Thornton Numerical and verbal reasoning tests


    The IBM Kenexa Advance Test includes numerical and verbal reasoning which are generally used in selection of a candidate. These tests are aimed at two groups of people – General Ability test for the supervisory grade; Graduate and Managerial for graduates (leaving the university), managers and those who join different programs after their university education.

    Many companies test the candidate’s ability before the interview by using IBM Kenexa’s online test.

    When you take up an online IBM Kenexa test, be careful while reading the question. Reading the question quickly does no good. Do not miss any information. Carefully go through the information given, because you have to logically arrive at conclusions by analyzing the data. Follow a methodical approach. And there is no scope for cheating as the questions keep changing in the online tests.

    IBM Kenexa tests use behavioral science techniques to analyze the skills and fit of the candidates. They also provide tools for job evaluation. Assessing skills helps in identifying the right candidate for the job. You can achieve efficiency only when the talent is matched with the role. This enhances the individual and thus, organizational performance.

    How difficult are the IBM Kenexa tests?

    If you are just out of college and finding the IBM Kenexa test tough, then most others of your group will find it difficult too.

    IBM Kenexa tests your skills through different types of aptitude tests. There are various levels of difficulty. In other words, the difficulty level increases as the candidate progresses. You have many preparation tests available to prepare well for the assessments. And you have to be quick because IBM Kenexa tests are timed!

    How important are IBM Kenexa tests for your evaluation?

    IBM Kenexa works with many businesses. They provide the organizations with the skill tests which are essential in the selection of candidates.

    Employers are using IBM Kenexa tests to determine a candidate’s ability. These tests are carefully designed to analyze your communication and reasoning skills. Many businesses now use online IBM Kenexa tests to screen the candidates. So it is very important for you to score well in the online test as screening is done before the interview. You are evaluated based on the job role you have applied for. The difficulty level depends on your job grade. IBM Kenexa tests have become one of the most important selection criteria.

    When should you start taking IBM Kenexa tests?

    You can start taking IBM Kenexa practice tests before you start applying for a job. This may be when you leave the university or when you want to go for a job change. This helps you while taking the actual test. The practice tests come with the solutions to questions, so you can have your doubts cleared. You can also learn time management through practice tests. You would definitely find the actual test easy because you would have attempted IBM Kenexa test sample questions!

    Practice and prepare well because these tests are highly valued and used by many organizations in the process of hiring.

    Abilities or Knowledge you should possess before taking IBM Kenexa tests

    There are various aptitude tests. Each test has questions related to a specific domain. You will be tested based on the job you have applied for and the expertise required to carry out the job efficiently. So first you should know what kind of test you are going to take.

    The IBM Kenexa advance test determines your ability in numerical and verbal reasoning skills. Numerical tests evaluates your mathematical knowledge while verbal reasoning evaluates your logical and cognitive skills.

    You should know what job you are fit for as job-fit tests are also prevalent.

    Practice Tips

    Be very careful. For verbal reasoning and numerical test, you will have to study the data given in the paragraphs /tables /charts. there are high possibilities that you miss some important information, So do not be in a hurry to read the question. On the other hand, you cannot take your time also! You have to complete the test within the specified time, So practice time management.

    Know the functions of your calculator perfectly. You cannot waste time during the test.

    Learn to discard the information that is not relevant. Use the appropriate data and get the answer soon!

    Take the online practice test more often to get familiar with the various kind of questions. Practice gives you more confidence and you have the least possibility of making any mistake. Practice makes you perfect! You will also get to know what these tests are and how should you go about them. Practice tests also come with the answers. Learn where you are going wrong.

    Practice IBM Kenexa tests and have a rocking career!