First things first

If you have been called for the Kenexa Prove It test, then it is time for you to start preparing for the test. Today there are a wide plethora of online sources that will help you to prep for your Kenexa test. Kenexa, being one of the biggest assessment companies in the world, provides talent management and recruitment services to professional companies. One of the most popular assessment tests of Kenexa is the Prove It Series.

About the Guide

There are more than 1500 online skill test in the Prove It Series that gauges different skill sets and personal abilities. This brief guide will throw light on some of the most important skill test in the Prove It Series. This small and effective guide will analyze the different types of skill tests in Kenexa Prove It Test.

What is the Kenexa Prove It Test?

The Kenexa Prove It Test is a bundle of tests to gauge skills of the candidates who apply for different job positions in various companies. The candidates are chosen based on the aptitude tests conducted online by Kenexa. With adequate preparation and practice, it is easy to pass the test.

Contents of Kenexa Prove It Test

Kenexa Prove it Test is an important part of the recruitment processes followed by the company. It includes a series of Prove It Tests which can assess the ability of the candidates who apply for different job positions in various types of fields such as software, call centre, healthcare, financial and so forth.

Typing Test

Kenexa Prove It Typing Test assesses your typing speed and accuracy. The time period of the test is three to five minutes.

Microsoft Office Test

In order to assess your ability in Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point, Kenexa Prove It test also includes the Microsoft Office Test. However, the two most common MS office tests include Word Test and Excel Test. Both the Word and Excel Tests include three difficulty levels and you must pass in all these levels.

Accounting Test

Kenexa Prove It Accounting test gauges your skills in accounting and includes a wide variety of tests such as Account Receivable Test, Bookkeeping Test, Account Payable Test and many more. There are many online exam preparation sources that offer practice required to pass these tests.

Data Entry Test

There are basically two types of data entry tests which are the Data Entry 10 Key Test and the Data Entry Alpha Numeric Test. The Data Entry 10 Key Test accesses your accuracy and speed while entering numbers. Data Entry Alpha Numeric Test accesses your accuracy and speed in entering numbers as well as letters.

Aptitude Test

Kenexa Aptitude Test is divided into three different tests which are:

Verbal reasoning test

Kenexa Verbal Reasoning test is 20 minutes long and tests your ability to communicate with team members. The test contains 24 different statements and you must be able to determine if the statements are true or false.

Numerical reasoning test

This test is also 20 minutes long and tests your capability to analyze numerical data. It also checks your ability to work out percentages and profit margins. Numerical reasoning test includes 20 different types of questions.

Logical reasoning test

This test presents information in different sequences and examines your ability to make precise conclusions based on this information. You are also supposed to fill in the missing pattern in the sequence.

Personality and Behavioral Test

Kenexa personality test is designed to check your behavioral pattern in the workplace. The test includes different types of statements which must be rated on a five point scale.

About the guide

This brief guide answers some of the most frequent queries related to Kenexa Prove It Test. It also throws light on some of the basic contents of the test and what to expect in it. In this way, candidates can prepare ahead and practice well with online sources. There are several practice packs which can be utilized to pass the test.

Why Preparing for the Kenexa Prove It Test is Important?

Although the contents of the test appear relatively simple, practice is essential to pass the test. You can practice for these tests with JobTestPrep. It is a competitive exam where there are more than thousands of candidates for the same job position. So it is essential to prepare and practice well before the tests. You can also find practice packs where you get free sample questions and relevant information on how to score better in these tests.