Are you preparing for the logical reasoning tests for the new job that you are about to do but you are tremendously confused? Here we gift to you a carefully woven guide for assisting you in your logical reasoning tests so that you may conquer the exam and seal it for yourself. The aptitude tests here are a way to judge the distinct and characteristic abilities, capabilities and mental agility of the candidate as well as his/her logical reasoning abilities.


This guide is built and developed with utmost care and dedication by experts and professionals. We have tried to make the guide simple so that the readers might easily comprehend the very basic as well as the most complex aspects of the logical reasoning tests as well as about their preparation.

What is a Logical Reasoning test?

The logical reasoning test might be defined as any form of the psychometric test which is being used by the corporate employers and recruiters these days to assist the candidates at the time of their recruitment process. To be more clear and precise, the logical reasoning test is a way of testing the logical reasoning abilities and the measuring ability of the mind of an individual through the non-verbal communication ways.

Which companies usually use Logical reasoning Tests?

These tests are being conducted by a good many companies to check the candidates’ reasoning abilities. The following table has a list of the companies which use the logical reasoning tests.
Chevron Ford Motor
Citigroup Microsoft
JP Morgan Barclays
McDonald’s Capital one financial
Union Pacific Eon
Duke Energy Deloitte
UBS Bank of America
Hewlett Packard

Which industries use Logical Reasoning Tests?

The logical reasoning tests are quite often used in application processes at several consulting firms, many investment banks as well as the professional accounting services. External suppliers like Kenexa or SHL, usually provide this test. Given below is a table depicting which industries use the logical reasoning tests.
Investment Banks
IT Firms
4 Consulting Firms
5 Accounting services

 What kind of jobs are using Logical Reasoning Tests?

There are multiple job types all around the world which are using the logical reasoning tests as a means of recruiting candidates. These jobs are varied and challenging and range immensely.With the test succeeding in all the spheres many firms, sectors and industries have adopted this kind of a unique aptitude test. The logical reasoning tests are now being used to hire the candidates for several job roles. For Example, These include banks, FMCGs, Content Development, HR/Admin, Marketing, Business Consulting, Engineering, etc.

What is a Logical Reasoning Tests passing Score?

The logical reasoning test score is almost always interpreted in a way which is similar to the other aptitude tests. However there is nothing like a ‘passing’ score for this tricky test, but the companies and firms tend to pick up the candidates on their merit.

How difficult is the Logical Reasoning test?

The logical reasoning tests usually is used to measure your particular ability of attending to the detail as well as evaluating information and how you make judgements and quick decisions. The tests are described as the non-verbal reasoning tests, as there are hardly any verbal or even numerical information in the test. Instead of all that here you have the shape sequences as well as the logical patterns which they represent.

How important are Logical Reasoning Tests for my evaluation?

The logical reasoning tests have been brought into utilisation by several firms to identify the particular candidate’s ability of solving the logical reasoning problems. Thus; most of the industries that revolve around the logical reasoning have been using this procedure to evaluate the candidates.

When do I take the Logical Reasoning test?

Your chances of undertaking the logical reasoning tests might differ immensely from employer to employer. Initially, the concerned candidate will be asked to undertake a logical reasoning test just like a pre-interview just before the actual test. However, there are some employers who like to take the logical reasoning test at the time of the interview or even during your assessment event. Therefore, it heavily depends on the employer, as to when he will take the test. He can take the test whenever he wants to take it.

What kind abilities or knowledge do I need to know to pass the Logical Reasoning Tests?

The following abilities are the ones which the employer surely sees in the candidates. If you have the following skills in you, you may crack the interview and get your dream job.

The Deductive Reasoning

  • This involves coding the deductive logic
  • Another important aspect of the tests is the data Sufficiency, the directional sense, as well as the logical word sequence where you must be strong
  • Objective reasoning is another aspect
  • Selection of the decision tables.
  • Puzzles

The Inductive Reasoning

  • The coding pattern as well as recognising the number series pattern is very important
  • Recognising the analogy and the classification pattern

The Abductive Reasoning

  • The logical word sequence
  • Another important aspect is the data sufficiency

Types of aptitude tests

The aptitude tests are usually designed to find out if a candidate has in him or her appropriate skills for the particular job or not. There are roughly 10 kinds of attitude tests which are used by  firms wordlwide to hire their employees. These aptitude tests are:
  1. Numerical reasoning tests
  2. Verbal reasoning tests
  3. In-tray exercises
  4. Diagrammatic tests
  5. Situational judgment tests
  6. Inductive reasoning tests
  7. Cognitive ability tests
  8. Mechanical reasoning tests
  9. Error Checking tests
  10. Abstract reasoning tests

To sum things up

The guide explains the various aspects of the logical reasoning practice test. In addition, the guide presents the answers to all your doubts related to the many layers of the logical practice test. Hope the guide helps you in getting your dream job.

Why preparing for logical reasoning test is important?

Most of the companies are now adding the logical reasoning tests in order to hire the employees. Therefore, it now becomes a necessity for every possible candidate to know every detail of this test and prepare accordingly. Only by doing that you get through this tricky hiring procedure.