A guide on the Microst Office Test

Planning to take a Microsoft Office Assessment Test and you want to know more about it? This concise guide will tour you through the different features of the MS office test, why and how you can prepare for it. There are a number of online sources which provide free assessment and preparatory guides for this test.

About the Guide

This simple guide will help you understand the importance of  the Microsoft Office Test and why it is essential to prepare for it. The guide helps you to prepare for the test in a hassle free manner.

What is a Microsoft Office Test?

It is one of the most widely used pre-assessment tests by most of the companies. Microsoft office test is at times a small section of large sets of tests used for overall assessment. These tests may also include typing test, personality test and so forth. The test gauges your ability to work with some of the most commonly used Microsoft Office tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Contents of the Microsoft Office Test

The Microsoft Office Test is based on three different levels which include Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Each company provides a different test level based on the job profile and work requirements.

The MS Office Test includes assessments in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. There are three types of tests which include the Interactive, Multiple-choice questions and the Adaptive Tests.


The Microsoft Office Test gauges the skill level of the candidates in the most popular desktop programs such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. The test assesses the caliber of the candidates along with the MS Office skills. Microsoft Office is the most widely used programs in every business organization and therefore it is important to know them to procure a good job position.

Word Test

This test assesses the ability of the candidate to use basic word documents along with different tools. The candidate must know how to use formatting tools, page layout tools and so forth.

Excel Test

It is designed to test the ability of the candidate in using relevant tools to enter accurate data, generate charts and use formulas.

PowerPoint Test

It gauges the ability of the candidate to make slides, presentations and text modifications.

Outlook Test

This test is crafted to check the skills of the candidate while using Outlook to send emails, schedule time and even prioritize work.

Why Preparing for Microsoft Office Tests is Important?

Preparing for Microsoft Office Test is quite important as most of the companies use it as a pre-assessment test to gauge the abilities of the candidate to work with MS Office tools. With proper and adequate preparation and practice, it is easy to score high in the test.

To sum things up

The guide on Microsoft Office Test explains the actual contents of the test and what to expect in the test. It also explains how candidates can hone their skills and obtain a high score. In some cases, the Microsoft Office Test is a small part of the overall assessment of the candidates applying for a job.