A guide about the Microsoft Excel Test

Want to know more about Microsoft Excel Test which is an integral part of your hiring process? This brief guide will highlight some of the most important aspects of the Microsoft Excel Test and how you can prepare for it.

About the Guide

This concise guide will tour you through the various contents of the test that you are required to pass to acquire the job. The guide throws light on various concepts of the test that might appear complex in the beginning. It gives information on how to prepare for the test, what to expect in it and how to score high in it.

What is a Microsoft Excel Test?

Today majority of the companies require candidates to take a Microsoft Excel Test which has become an integral part of the hiring process. The test gauges your ability to accomplish tasks in MS Excel at different levels. There are three levels of Excel Test which include the Beginners Test, Intermediate Test and Advanced Test. There are two types of tests- the interactive test and the multiple choice test. In the interactive test, you are required to accomplish various assignments on the Excel spreadsheet. The multiple choice test requires you to know the characteristics of the software by heart. It can be quite perplexing even for the most advanced users of the Excel software.

Contents of the Microsoft Excel Test

The Microsoft Excel Test includes two parts- the multiple choice test and the interactive test. The MS Excel Test can also be categorized according to three different levels that include Basic test, Intermediate level test and Advanced level test.

The Basic or Beginners test includes various topics such as the use of simple excels functions. It includes actions such as formatting layout, cells and printing options. This type of assessment is performed for clerical positions.

The Intermediate test is a combination of both basic and advanced levels. For some job applications, basic knowledge of MS Excel is not sufficient and you need to have advanced knowledge too.

The Advanced test includes topics such as macro creation, pivot creation, SUMIF, managing page layouts and so forth.

What skills does the test assess?

The Microsoft Excel Test assesses your ability to complete several tasks on the excel sheet in different levels. This test gauges your skills to perform basic and advanced functions on the excel sheet such as cell formatting, workbook, sum, count etc.

Why Preparing for the Test is Important?

Preparing for the Microsoft Excel Test is important as most of the companies use this test as a tool to hire you for a job. Though it might seem simple, there are various characteristics of this software that needs to be memorized. It can be perplexing even for advanced users. So you need to practice well before this test to score high in the job hiring process.

To sum things up

The brief guide on Microsoft Excel Test answers your most common queries about the test and what to expect for it. It also explains why it is important to practice for the test before the job hiring process.