What are the different types of PeopleAnswers Assessment tests?

People Assessment tests are actually just of one single type, but the test itself is used for measuring different key attributes for a candidate. The test is known for its accurate results in measuring thirty nine different, but key attributes associated to human behavior.

What do these tests measure?

The scientists who developed People Assessment test scoured data for various employees for at least ten years. The shocking results that they found were that in most cases, many candidates who should be perfect for a certain job profile do not have the means to cope with the said job profile due to attitude. This specific attitude is determined by thirty nine factors which are responsible for the behavior of the candidate. These certain key attributes involve how ambitious the candidate is, their level of discipline on and off the field, including the energy that they impart to themselves and people around the room, how observant they are towards little details in their line of work, how flexible they can be when it comes to changing their habits, and also how understanding they can be to other people’s problems.


The test also measures a certain level of conscientiousness in the test takers.  This shows that just having the necessary set of skills for a job does not necessarily mean that the candidate will be able to perform it. Attitude still ranks high amongst desirable traits.

Which companies use PeopleAnswers Assessment test for evaluation?

PeopleAnswers Assessment tests actually measures thirty nine different attributes of candidates. Each of these attributes is measured against data collected for over ten years, for different employees and candidates. This shows the accuracy of the measurement themselves. Huge companies have used the results provided by Poeple Assessment tests as the basis for their hiring scheme. Companies of the likes of Audi, Hertz, Neimun Marcus, Gold’s Gym, Inova Health System and Foot Locker have all used the data from PeopleAnswers Assessment tests. In fact, food chains such as The Cheesecake Factory can measure their turnovers, revenues, and the level of customer service that they provide through the performance of their employees. At the time, they were hired through PeopleAnswers Assessment tests.

What do the PeopleAnswers Assessment test scores reflect?

PeopleAnswers Assessment test has such a ridiculous amount of complexity into the entire system that only the scientists and analysts are able to understand the entire process transparently. However, it is a little known fact that each company has about forty six percent of employees who are relatively new to the job. Out of those 46% of hires, 89% of them have the perfect set of skills on paper. In fact, they should be able to do everything that they are asked to do. But, they are not. They are termed as surplus to requirement, due to the fact that they cannot cope with the workspace environment.

Why is this the case?

The PeopleAnswers Assessment tests answer. Since it measures behavioral aspects of the candidates so thoroughly, it can understand everything about the factors which affect the candidates’ performances. From certain traits which are found in their DNA, to other factors which are influenced by a change in Geography. The test scores then reflect which candidate would suit the job profile more. This, according to the requirements set by the said profile. If there is less chances of a match, the candidate is not hired.

How do I pass the PeopleAnswers Assessment tests?

The simplest answer to this question would be to practice the different PeopleAnswers Assessment tests available online thoroughly. If the candidate is unwilling to adapt to the specific behavioral traits that the job profile asks for, then the candidate may not be hired. Weaknesses can be understood and worked upon so as to increase the chances of employment immensely. However, a certain amount of preparation is definitely a must when sitting for a PeopleAnswers Assessment test. That is the only way the candidate knows the type of questions that may arrive.

To sum things up

After going through this, the level of doubts in the minds of prospective candidates who would want to involve themselves in PeopleAnswers Assessment test preparation should be much lower. Candidates need to understand the modality of the questions in the PeopleAnswers Assessment test. The one way to do that is to spend time in PeopleAnswers Assessment practice tests. When it comes to employment chances, the candidate’s confidence will be much higher if they score well in practice tests. The practice test can be a stepping stone to a much larger and greater future for the candidate. Thus, a few PeopleAnswers Assessment example tests are required.