If you are thinking about taking a Probation officer civil service exam, it is essential that you work on your potential through rigorous preparation for the exams. Here is a comprehensive preparation guide for accomplishing your goal.

What is the Probation officer exam?

Probation officer exam is the exam you need to pass in order to become a Probation officer. A Probation officer is entitled with the duty to work with people serving probation. The job calls for maintaining a contact with the offenders and their families. A Probation officer is responsible for ensuring that all the conditions of the offenders’ probations are met with, which also includes drug testing. This job comes with an added responsibility of managing court deadlines.

How does the Probation officer exam work?

The state you are living in may choose from a variety of Probation officers tests. Where some states may require taking the Workkeys Applied Mathematics, Reading for Information, and Locating Information assessments, others may require taking the CPS HR or the PSI Probation officer test. Generally, you will have to acquire a 70% passing score to get through the test. The sections that can be found on a Probation officer test can be seen as below –

Following written directions

This section of the exam will test your ability to find a correct action or solution for a problem by applying a set of given rules.

Problem solving

In this section of the test you will be given a set of facts for evaluating and drawing logical conclusions from it and tested for your problem solving abilities on the basis of your answers.

Reading comprehension

The reading comprehension section will require you to read a passage and answer the questions associated with it. The whole objective of this test is to assess your ability to identify facts, interpreting information, and drawing justified conclusions on the basis of your answers.

Written communication

The main purpose of this section is to assess your writing abilities. This, to ensure a standard of written communication in the future that is free from any errors.

Writing detail

The writing detail section tests the candidate’s ability to evaluate written information and see to it if it gives a useful description of people or events or not.

Test of accuracy in forms and codes

This section of the exam comprising of two parts calls for first displaying the capacity to check the accuracy of coded information in report forms and second demonstrating the ability to compare the coded information to a certain list of information and determine if it matches with any of the items on the list.

Work ethics

This section basically tries to trace the candidate’s attitude towards work including equation with others, integrity, trustworthiness, confidence, and the ability to handle stressful circumstances.

Test of parole concepts

Under this section you will be tested for your knowledge of parole concepts. Therefore, these include case management, interpersonal skills, psychology, interviewing, and criminal justice.

Why become a Probation officer?

If you feel inclined towards a career that combines social work with law enforcement, the job of a Probation officer is best suited for you. By taking up this job, you will be responsible for monitoring offenders as well as creating rehabilitation plans for them. In this way you will perform the duty of keeping the offenders away from committing new crimes.

The hiring process for the job of Probation officer

Each state follows a distinct process as far as the hiring of Probation officers is concerned. Some of the common criterions of Probation officer hiring process include certain perquisites that include being a US citizen, being a graduate, and being between the ages of 20-38. You are eligible to submit an application if you fulfill the perquisites required by your state. Once your application gets approved, you will get to take a written test. Alongside the written test, you will also have to go through a background check, a medical test, and a psychological test. Finally, if you successfully pass through all these tests, you will be considered to be included in the training process.

How difficult is the Probation officer exam?

The Probation officer exam comprises of multiple sections. Each of the sections focuses on assessing a different set of skills that are essential for the job. Different states have their own different exams. In order to become more familiar with the pattern of exam you will register for, it is really important for you to take up the preparation of the exam. The information you will require for the exam will be an important part of your preparation.

Probation officer exam practice tips

  • Before you begin with the test, take out a minute or two to glance upon the entire test. This is in order to be mentally prepared for what is coming next.
  • Make sure to read all questions and choices carefully. Moreover, take each question as it comes will full focus and attention on it only.
  • Try and seek key words in every question because it might come handy in answering that question correctly.
  • Proceed answering the easy questions and don’t waste time thinking too much on the hard ones. But make sure to answer all the questions.
  • Always save some time to review your test to check on missed questions.

Why preparing for Probation officer exam is important?

Preparing for Probation officer exam by practicing with sample tests and study guides will definitely boost your confidence. The practice will surely impact your testing speed in a positive way and help you acquire an in depth understanding of the main prerogative of the questions frequently put up in the test. On the whole, preparing for Probation officer exam will make you familiar with the types of questions that you might encounter during the exam. Therefore, by being prepared, you can increase the chances of successfully passing through the Probation officer test and making your way to the training.