First things first

TSA is all about looking after the safety of travelers and passengers, especially at the airports. This thrilling job also includes some crucial tasks like – handling teams of dog squads (criminal investigations), explosive specialists, armed Federal Air Marshal at planes, screening officers in airports and so on. So, if you are passionate about choosing a career which is filled with responsibilities, thrills and above all a job which serves for the safety of the nation, then TSA is the best option.

What is TSA test?

Joining TSA needs you to undergo many screening rounds and tests. The first round of selection includes a CBT (computer-based test). Thus, online practice exams can be referred to get a clear knowledge of the type of questions that can be expected in the CBT test.

How does the TSA test work?

The TSA test is usually timed for 2.5 hours and comprises of questions that are a mix of English proficiency, logical thinking, and situational judgments and so on. Brushing up with Basic English punctuations, sentence formations, comprehensions can be helpful.

Exam preparation can be a difficult task if you are not sure about where to start from. Career practice exam not only help you crack the interview but it would also help you understand about your own capability of being fit for the required position. Hence, you can improve your skills accordingly.

Why become a TSA employee?

TSA employees are paid high than other industries. If you are looking to step towards being a government employee, then TSA is the best choice. A TSA agent is the one who looks after the security of the travelers and passengers at the airports. Hence, you can estimate the severity of the job profile. TSA agents get good benefit along with good job security. Being a TSA employee is fun for those who don’t like to be locked in a cubicle for 8 hours a day. You get to interact with new people all the time and hence, you can also get a good exposure for your hardships.

What is the hiring process for TSA?

You can apply online for the TSA job. Once applied, if your application is selected, you would undergo six different levels of selection of being a TSA agent which are;

•    CBT exam (aptitude)

•    Color vision exam (this is important to clear)

•    Personal interview

•    Drug screening (TSA is very strict on this)

•    Medical condition (No present or past medical history is accepted)

•    Background investigation (Strict investigation of the candidate’s background for criminal records is done)

You can always prepare yourself in advance for the first round as this is completely in your hands. Practice exam or example test is the best to know about the type of questions that are asked in the CBT test.

How difficult is the TSA test?

The TSA test is designed in a format to evaluate your skills in the categories like customer handling, recognizing potential weapons, awareness about screening and so on. Thus the test is easy if you practice and become proficient in the type of questions that are likely to be asked.  A practice exam can help you with this.

How important is TSA test for my evaluation?

TSA is a crucial and critical job; it expects a lot of skills and knowledge from you. Thus, TSA test helps the organization filter the best eligible candidate for the industry. Passing the CBT test is important. It’s best to secure your position with a hands-on practice exam.

What kind of abilities or knowledge do I need to know to pass the TSA test?

In order to pass the TSA test or interview you are required to have skills like – critical thinking, social perceptiveness, coordination, active listening, decision making, service oriented and so on. In addition to this you should have some basic knowledge about;

•    Public safety and security.

•    Customer service.

•    Government rules and laws.

•    Laws and principles of transportation.

It’s very difficult for beginners to gather all these skills and knowledge in a short time. If your exam preparation includes lots of research along with guided practice exam, then your chances of clearing the test increases.

TSA test practice tips:

Cracking this exam can be difficult if you have no knowledge about the TSA and their practices. Hence, research about the industry that you are willing to join, the most important tip is to solve as much as Career practice exams available online. This would boost your confidence, and would also help you evaluate your own capabilities.

To sum things up

Thus, the above article gives you a clear picture of what exactly TSA test means, the hiring process, difficulties in the test and the practice tips to score high on the test. Though the CBT exam can sound lenient and easy, in reality, it is no so. If you have good experience of practice exam then you have positive chances of scoring well in the test. Practicing is very important to be perfect for any given task. Be prepared to work hard and success would follow you automatically.