Watson Glaser

As a professional, in any field it is imperative to keep learning and adding value to one’s skills. The Watson Glaser test is one such aptitude test that ascertains multiple skills of a person. It is largely a critical thinking test that focuses on an individual’s decision making and judgment skills.

What is a Watson Glaser test?

The Watson Glaser test examines an individual on the following parameters:

  • Critical thinking ability
  • Understanding of whether conclusions or judgments follow or not
  • Strong and weak arguments

It focuses on an individual’s ability to recognize assumptions, evaluate arguments and draw conclusions. 

So what is critical thinking?

A critical thinker has the ability to assess a situation, after due consideration and understanding the multiple perspectives to it. A critical thinker is also able to recognize and form sound opinions and assumptions from the situation. It allows a person to define the problem, understanding the information to solve problems, recognizing the assumptions, creating a sound hypothesis, reaching conclusions and judgments.

These are all extremely important skills that make for professional employees that can help a company grow.

Which industries use the Watson Glaser Test for evaluation?

There are many industries that base their assessment of an individual on the Watson Glaser test. These are typically industries that require critical thinkers, some of the industries include:

  • Law Firms
  • Software Engineering
  • Programming
  • Banking
  • Analysts

What kind of companies are using Watson Glaser test for evaluation?

From small scale to fortune 500 companies, today many are using the Watson Glaser aptitude test to evaluate potential employees. Some of the famous companies using the Watson Glaser test are:

  • Hogan Lovells
  • PepsiCo
  • Deloitte

Critical thinking is a very important aspect from an employer’s perspective as every organization wants employees who can deal with issues and situations logically and come to logical conclusions. Companies want employees who can make decisions based on critical thinking rather than an emotional thinking. When the mind is clouded with emotions it is unable to make sound decisions.

What is the Watson Glaser Passing score?

The Watson Glaser test is of approximately 30 minutes with around 40 questions. The questions are divided into different categories like Inference assessment, assumption recognition, deduction ability, interpretations capability and argument evaluation. These 5 sections are then marked after completion, and the final result is based upon the 3 critical thinking keys- comprehension, analysis and evaluation skills. The scoring percentile reflects the following results:

0-40 percentile: Below Average

40-60 percentile: Average

60-100 percentile: Above Average

How difficult is the Watson Glaser Test?

It is not a difficult test as long as you have done fair amount of Watson Glaser practice tests to understand the basic format and type of questions. It does not require months of studying and preparation just requires focused practice. This is a test that evaluates your thinking and aptitude so there is nothing difficult as long as you have the thinking capacity and an ability interpret, recognize and deduce situations.

The Watson Glaser test is divided into 5 sections:

  1. Inference
  2. Recognizing Assumptions
  3. Deduction
  4. Interpretation
  5. Evaluation of Arguments

How important is the Watson Glaser test for my evaluation?

While there are some companies that rely only on the Watson Glaser test, others have a combination of tests to evaluate an individual. The result of your Watson Glaser test is fairly critical as it speaks volumes about your potential, skills and thinking capacities. Especially for a job or in a field that relies on critical thinking capacity, it is extremely important to score well and prove your thinking capacity.

When do I take my Watson Glaser test?

After you have attempted a fair number of Watson Glaser practice tests, you are ready to take the final test. A company usually invites an individual to take a critical thinking test to evaluate the best fit role, thus it is usually taken at the end of the interview and selection process.

What kind of abilities or knowledge do I need to know to pass the Watson Glaser test?

Broadly, the Watson Glaser test is aimed at recognizing an individual’s ability to question, analyze, make decisions and be able to do all that within a set time. It is testing your ability to make assumptions, deductions, interpretations, evaluation of arguments and thinking capacity. You need to be a critical thinker who is able to make sound judgments. Most of us have the ability to be a critical thinker and with Watson Glaser practice tests we can sharpen that ability.

Watson Glaser Test Practice Tips:

The most important and critical tip here is to be completely focused. Additionally:

  • Take as many Watson Glaser practice tests as you can
  • Go over Watson Glaser test sample questions and practice questions to get a hold on the structure and format
  • Time yourself
  • Try critically thinking in everyday situations
  • Focus on recognizing assumptions, evaluating arguments and drawing conclusions.
  • Give enough time for Watson Glaser test preparation

Watson Glaser test is often used by employers. Take a fair number of Watson Glaser practice tests and help yourself get the perfect job. When you start your Watson Glaser test preparation focus on your analysis, questioning, decision making and evaluation skills. Remember, it’s a timed test so you can’t spend too much time on a question. You will need to think fast and answer quickly. This speed and precision only comes with practice. The more Watson Glaser practice tests you take the more you will be able to hone on your analytical skills. Subsequently, You will improve your overall critical thinking skills. Practice is key to acing at your Watson Glaser test.


In a nutshell

The Watson Glaser test is a great way to understand your own thinking process and also a great step towards landing your dream job. Today every company wants skilled critical thinkers who can take their organization’s goals to newer heights. A Watson Glaser practice test is the first step to your Watson Glaser test preparation and you must take it very seriously. Companies often base their final decisions on the evaluation of the Watson Glaser test and you don’t want to miss out on a fantastic opportunity just because you did not prepare well! Study Watson Glaser test sample questions and take as many as Watson Glaser practice tests as you can. Give your future employers the perfect impression of a critical thinker.