Wonderlic Tests

Today most established companies across the world, are bringing in the efficiency and effectiveness of different types of aptitude tests to screen and employ the best fit employees. The Wonderlic Tests are one of the most popular choices amongst the best organizations for the precise results it offers. The tests have been curated by experts to point at specific abilities of any candidate who takes the tests. It is a very efficient analytical tool for people. What hampers the growth of a company the most is fit and skilled personalities in an unfit role! You can’t expect an employee who is not very good with patience to be a in a customer service role. Thus tests like the Wonderlic tests are an aid for employers that ensures that the best suited candidates for the perfect roles are employed. Thus enhancing satisfaction within employees and maximizing productivity from each one.

What are the Wonderlic tests?

Wonderlic tests are a series of tests, each evaluating the applicant on different aspects. Depending on the position, industry and nature of job a specific or combination of tests may be able to help understand the candidate’s abilities. Most of the Wonderlic Tests help ascertain a person’s ability to follow instructions. This, while evaluating the skill to learn, adapt, apply and solve problems. From basic skills like communication to more important skills like problem solving- the Wonderlic Tests can evaluate all aspects efficiently. All of us have different skills and personality types and understanding specific abilities helps us find our own career field. This test is not just helpful for employers to find the best employees but also helps candidates understand their capacities.

What tests does Wonderlic offer?

  • Cognitive Ability

The cognitive ability test is the most commonly used test. It evaluates an individual’s ability to learn, adapt and solve problems, while the capacity to follow specific instructions.

  • Scholastic Level

It is an academic version of the Wonderlic Test. This is most commonly used in the nursing and police academies to gauge an individuals’ ability to follow through instructions and display learning, adapting and problem solving capabilities.

  • Basic Skill

This is a basic test to understand the applicants quantitative and verbal language skills. It evaluates a person’s communication skills and is most commonly used for entry level jobs.

  • Personality

It evaluates a person’s individual personality traits and helps employers offer the best fit roles to maximize potential and productivity. Depending on our specific personality tests we can find the best career options and job roles.

  • Perceptual Ability

Most commonly used in fields like accounting, this test evaluates a person’s ability to perceive information.

Which industries use the Wonderlic tests for evaluation?

  • Nursing and police academies
  • Accounting
  • Customer Service
  • Bookkeeping/Data Entry
  • Marketing

What kinds of jobs are using the Wonderlic tests for evaluation?

Today many startups, SMEs, as well as Fortune 500 companies rely on the Wonderlic Tests to evaluate potential employees and find the nest fit roles. Some globally known names include:

  • British Petroleum
  • Chevrolet
  • Emprise Bank

How do the Wonderlic tests work?

Wonderlic tests are a series of different kinds of aptitude tests, each evaluating different skills and capacities of an individual. These tests involve a series of questions and the candidates have to answer all the questions based on following specific instructions and within a set stipulated time. There are different sections within the test, each evaluating different skill sets.

If you are starting your Wonderlic test preparation, it’s best to go through Wonderlic sample questions and Wonderlic practice tests. These will give you a better idea of what to expect and how to deal with different kinds of questions and sections.

Ultimately, the Wonderlic tests work on your skills and personality. It is not a new theory that needs to be learnt but just a test of things you already know. As long as your skills are brushed up and you are able to ascertain certain traits of your own personality, the test will be able to get deeper results to the surface.

How difficult are the Wonderlic Tests?

Before someone scares you and tells you that Wonderlic tests are extremely difficult, understand how much practice time the person has spent! After all, these tests are nothing but an evaluation of the skills and aptitude you already possess. So, a fair amount of Wonderlic practice tests is all you need to get the hang of it and give it your best shot. Aptitude tests cannot be marked on a scale of difficulty as it all depends on your existing skills and practice efforts.

How important are Wonderlic tests for my evaluation?

Wonderlic Tests have been designed and curated by experts so the results are pretty accurate. Depending on the nature of the job you are applying for and the company you are applying for, these test evaluations are a very relevant score to base a candidate’s skills and personality. Thus, if you really want to make the best moves in your career and find the best fit roles, it is necessary to put in some efforts and practice so you get the best opportunities. A lot of companies make final employment decisions based solely on these test results.

When do I take the Wonderlic tests?

Once an employer is satisfied with your basic qualification levels and experience, a Wonderlic test may be proposed to ascertain your exact skills as aligned with the company’s work. Thus, it is usually one of the final employee evaluation levels. You must take the Wonderlic test only after you have understood and gone through Wonderlic sample questions and attempted a few Wonderlic practice tests. This will help you to answer better, and on time. Without practice you may not be able to understand the basic structure, format and guidelines of the Wonderlic tests.

What kind of abilities or knowledge do I need to pass the Wonderlic tests?

As mentioned earlier, Wonderlic tests evaluate the skills and personality that you already have. Thus there is nothing extra you need to learn or memorize for the tests. However, it is important to practice so you are able to complete the test in time and also understand the nature of the Wonderlic tests. You need to work on the ability to manage completing all the questions on time and the knowledge to understand instructions and follow guidelines.

Wonderlic Tests Practice Tips

  • Wonderlic Test Sample Questions

Go through as many Wonderlic test sample questions as you can. This will help you understand all the different kinds of questions you may be asked. The sample questions are a peek into what the final test will look like.

  • Wonderlic Practice Test

Taking a fair number of Wonderlic Practice test will help you understand the need to follow instructions and also enable you to complete the test in time. There are certain guidelines to complete the test and only the practice tests can help you understand these.

  • Focus and Attention

When appearing for the practice tests, going through sample questions or giving the final test what is most important is complete focus and attention. Spend due amount of time and efforts in understanding the questions and don’t let other things around you distract you.

  • Efforts

A little bit of effort goes a long way! Don’t take your practice tests casually and put in all your efforts. The final test will reflect these efforts through great scores and positive evaluations.

Why preparing for Wonderlic tests is important?

Just like any other test or exam we take through life, the evaluations and results of the Wonderlic test determine the way forward for us. It is a very effective tool that accurately measures our skills and personality and helps us start the right career at the right stage. This tool is being used by professionals and companies across the world for the great employee and employer benefits. If you are someone who wants to be successful, prove your merit and get the best opportunities in your career, preparing and scoring well on the Wonderlic tests must be your aim.

The Wonderlic test is also believed to be a great way to find best roles for individual’s that can bring out the best productivity. In that way it is probably one of the most important tests you should take as a measure towards a successful and secure future.

Start your Wonderlic test preparation today and ensure a successful professional life.