What is the WOWi Assessment Test?

TheWOWi or World of Work Inventory assessment test is the most reliable and wide-ranging career assessment examination. It is used to assist individuals in their career decisions. The test is designed to help takers realize their potential and discover their professional inclinations towards a certain occupation. Thus, making it easier for them to choose from a list of diverse and multiple options. Hence, the WOW assessment test is basically a way to learn about one’s skills, abilities, talents, and interests.

Since, a fair amount of people tend to deem the test as unnecessary, it is important to keep in mind that human beings do not frequently ponder over their personalities or give their proficiencies considerable thought. The test serves as an instrument to generate a personalized profile of oneself and make the right career decision taking into account all possible attributes.

How does the WOWi Assessment Test work?

The WOWi Assessment Test is constructed keeping in mind that the choice of a candidate’s career is determined by several aspects. Therefore, the test brings together all elements which shape an individual’s decision of following a particular career path and structures the test accordingly. After the test is completed, the candidate is provided with a list of jobs best suited for them. However, whether or not they choose a profession out of the list is completely up to them. The test is solely intended to offer them occupations suitable to their capabilities.

The test is divided into three sections, namely:

Career Interest Activities

The first section helps the candidate discover where their career interests lie. Therefore, It covers seventeen occupational fields related to different subjects.

Career Skill and Training Potential

This section is aimed at measuring the propensities and strengths of the candidates. Hence, emphasizing their accomplishments and underlining any need for further training.

Job Satisfaction Indicators

The last section evaluates the preferred work approach and atmosphere of the test taker.

What kind abilities or knowledge do I need to know to pass the WOWi Assessment Test?

Since the WOWi assessment test is intended to assess an applicant’s abilities and knowledge for a variety of occupations, it is beneficial to everyone regardless of their professional or academic predispositions. The test can be taken by candidates of different competencies and experiences as most of them are measured by the test in the Career Training Potentials section. The section comprises of ninety eight questions measuring a candidate’s aptitude in six different areas, namely:

  • Verbal
  • Numerical
  • Abstraction
  • Spatial-Form
  • Organizational Skills
  • Mechanical-Electrical

The responses are recorded from among multiple choice answers based on a scale ranging in difficulty.

How to crack down the WOWi Assessment Test?

Again, since the WOWi assessment test is a measure of an individual’s capacity for a career of their choosing, there is no definite way to crack the test. One cannot simply fail at the test, as the result will provide you with a list of occupations.

Why is preparing for the WOWi Assessment Test important?

As mentioned above, you cannot fail at the WOWi assessment test. However, it is still important to excel if you want to attain an acceptable list of jobs after the test. Prepare for the Career Training Potentials section and work thoroughly on the sub-sections you are weak at. Answer all questions honestly in the Career Interest Activities and Job Satisfaction Indicators sections, where you will be questioned on your temperament to a job pointer and your occupational preferences respectively. The CIA comprises of 136 questions covering as much as seventeen career paths, while the JSI consists of ninety six questions from over twelve job temperament areas.

To sum things up

The article succinctly summarizes the layout, content, and purpose of the WOWi assessment test. If you seek help regarding WOWi assessment test preparation, you can rely upon practice tests to be sure as to what to expect on the day of the test. Job practice tests and career practice exams are also available in abundance to help you ensure success at the exam.

About Our Practice Guide

Our practice guide for WOWi assessment test consists of numerous practicetests and countless preparation tips to help you be acquainted with the pattern of the test and be better prepared for it. The guide also includes sample test papers with multiple choice questions based on the four sections of the test which will prove to be valuable for candidates who wish to keep a track of their performance.