What are the Berke Assessment Tests?

The Berke Assessment Tests are a group of customized tests that predict specific job performances. The novelty about these tests is the fact that they can be specially designed according to a companies requirements. These tests measure both the personality and the cognitive skills of the candidate. Thereby providing a wholesome assessment of the candidate’s suitability to the job.

The Berke Assessment Tests are the brainchild of Martin Freedland and Kelly Land. The two came up with the idea of creating customized tests in order to help companies screen their potential employees. A project which started way back in the year 2004 has now been adopted by various companies as a means of selecting their staff.

The Berke Cognitive ability test measures your capability to examine the information given to you and use your logical thinking and reasoning to arrive at a conclusion. The Berke Personality Test, on the other hand, judges how you would work with in a team, and other individual traits that you may possess.

What do these tests measure?

The Berke Assessment test aims at a wholesome judgment of the candidate. The test includes questions related to both cognitive skills as well as personality traits. Therefore, an overall estimate of your proficiency can be determined by this test.

The Personality test measures a number of personal qualities like assertiveness, responsiveness, optimism, emotional intensity, social adaptability, structure and sociability. It judges whether you have a knack for taking the first step in a situation, and if you do so after careful consideration of all possible outcomes and results. The test examines your ability to express yourself in front of others, work with others as part of a team and adapt yourself to different kinds of work environments.

The Cognitive test judges your logical reasoning and decision making processes. It measures various aspects of cognitive skills, such as idea productivity, rapid-fire problem solving, logical problem solving, special visualization and vocabulary. The ability to come up with new ideas on the go, solve various problems simultaneously and arrive at a definite conclusion after assessing a hoard of information is judged through this test. The cognitive test also examines the ease with which you are able to pick up new ideas and concepts.

What companies use Berke Assessment tests for evaluation?

The flexibility of the Berke Assessment tests makes it very popular among various kinds of companies. From small start-ups to large non-profit organizations, Berke Assessment is used as a screening test. Companies like David Weekley Homes, ExpressCare, WF, The Renaissance Network, Polaris, UCO, Amerilife and many others use Berke Assessment tests.

How do I pass the Berke Assessment Test?

The Berke Assessment Test is company-specific and job-specific. Hence, there is no conventional syllabus for the test. It is not possible to do well in the test using general knowledge or superficial learning. These tests examine you on a different level, where your innate individual qualities and reasoning capabilities are under scrutiny.

To pass the test with flying colors, you have to familiarize yourself with the pattern and format of the test. The various modules that are included in the tests have to be well acquainted with. If you are well aware of the type of questions that are likely to be posed during the test, you will be able to easily work your way through them.

The other prerequisite to pass the Berke Assessment is constant practice. It is only after you have gone through a number of practice papers that you will be able to get a grasp of the test. Though at first the test might appear to be slightly complicated. After appropriate practice, you will find that it is not only doable but also quite easy.

To sum things up

This guide aims at introducing the Berke Assessment test to candidates, and provides ample information about the Berke test preparation. The Berke Assessment practice test will enable applicants to further acquaint themselves with the technicalities and details of the test. The Berke Assessment practice test makes sure that the candidates have enough experience in this particular examination. In order to get a feel of the real test, applicants should be able to complete the example test. That way they may be able to obtain an idea about the preparation required in order to ace the test. With enough practice and dedication, the Berke Assessment Career practice exam would prove to be an extremely simple but interesting way to test individual proficiency.