First things first

Pilot Aptitude test is the first stepping stone towards becoming a pilot with your dream airline industry. Along with the passion of flying you have to prove yourself of being capable and competent enough by giving different assessments at all stages of selection. This can be a real tough job for those who are completely not aware of the type of questions that are likely to be asked in such selection exams. Hence, in such situations practice exam is the best solution. Exam preparation becomes more easy and meaningful if you assess yourself with some job practice test.

What exactly is Pilot Aptitude test?

Aptitude test also called for the psychometric test is basically an exam conducted to analyze your ability to perform different tasks within a restricted given timeframe. By conducting an aptitude test, the airline industry is actually analyzing your capability and suitability for the required job post. Different airlines have different types of aptitude tests for different positions. Thus, undergoing career practice exam can double your chance of clearing the assessment in the first attempt itself.

How does the Pilot Aptitude test work?

The word ‘Aptitude’ means – your capability to do a given task. As this is the initial test that you need to clear before any of the selection rounds, this test includes evaluation of some basic skills like; •    Numerical competency. •    Logical thinking. •    Ability to handle multiple tasks, etc. The practice exam is a must to help attend the pilot aptitude test with more confidence.  

Why become a Pilot?

This is the biggest question to answer. Being a pilot is a very interesting job. Below are few of the amazing surprises that you are about to experience if you are willing to be a pilot; •    Being a pilot is a challenging as well as a rewarding job. •    Riding a bicycle for the first time and experiencing your first solo flight ever. Which one sounds more exciting to you? •    A pilot is always looked upon as a hero in the society. The pilot takes charge of the complete aircraft, passengers, and the surroundings. •    A pilot’s career is all about mastering the leadership skills. Taking decisions and being in charge of the outcomes of such decisions is not an easy task to do. •    A pilot’s job is full of excitements, thrills and above all a respectable post, thus choosing it as a career option is a symbol of passionate attitude.

What is the hiring process for Pilots?

The FTO’s (Fight Training Organizations) can set some basic academic qualifications as a benchmark, in addition to this, they conduct a range of assessments which starts from applying online, then undergoing a basic aptitude and mathematical test, personal interviews, group exercises and so on. However, there can be variations in the process depending on the FTO’s policies.  

How difficult is the Pilot Aptitude test?

This test is not very difficult. However, it’s always best to undergo some practice exam to have a brief idea about the types of questions that are likely to be asked.