What is the Siena Reasoning Test?

The Siena Reasoning Test or SRT is a logical aptitude test that attempts to evaluate your cognitive abilities. The ability to arrive at a proper conclusion after examining all the information available to you is what makes up your cognitive skills. Many companies require you to test these skills as a pre-employment requisite in order to figure out whether your thinking is in line with that of the company’s. The Siena Reasoning job practice test helps you to assess your logical capabilities, and determines your suitability for the job.

The Siena Reasoning practice Test does not test your scholastic abilities or linguistic prowess; instead, it judges your basic intelligence and reason. The questions asked during the test are divided into verbal (based on given passages) and non-verbal (based on given figures and pictures).

Which companies use Siena Reasoning Test for evaluation?

The Siena Consulting Services provides a number of aptitude tests, out of which the SRT is preferred by many companies. In order to get into any good company in the US, employers need you to sit for the Siena Reasoning career practice exam and prove your thinking and reasoning abilities.

How do I pass the Siena Reasoning Test?

Since the SRT isn’t based on any specific subject, you cannot hope to ace it by conventional modes of study. The preparation¬†will require you to familiarize yourself with the kind of questions that are asked during the SRT. Though some of them may seem complicated at first, with a little bit of perseverance and repeated practice, the questions will be doable.

To sum things up

Companies no longer hire employees based on just their CVs. Apart from a glowing application, taking aptitude tests for critical and logical thinking are mandatory for selection. Many a times the candidates who are shortlisted get rejected because they are not well informed about these tests. This guide attempts to break down these tests in a way that the applicants may understand and eventually ace them. They can also form an idea about how they need to prepare for such unconventional modes of assessment. Practice papers for such tests will soon be available here.