Are there different Birkman tests?

Actually, there is only one type of Birkman Assessment test. It includes around 298 questions. These questions are of different types in themselves, divided between true-false and multiple choice questions. The difference is that the true-false questions are the ones which end up taking the majority of the question paper.

What do these tests measure?

The test was actually developed by Birkman International, and takes into account the various different personalities of the candidates who are taking part in the exam. It measures the candidate’s interests in life, which is a measure of what can drive them towards their goals. These goals may be personal or professional. It also takes into account the behavioral aspects of the candidates. This means that the tests actually try to understand how a candidate responds in the test. This will give the examiner an idea about how the person behaves in relationships with either random people or people who are close to them emotionally.

The next thing that the tests consider is how the candidate manages with stress that comes with unproductivity or failure. It will give an accurate measurement of their behavior in a stress filled environment. The last thing that the test tends to measure is the orientation of the candidate’s organization. It gives an account of how well the candidate is able to organize the aspects of their professional and personal lives, with or without the mingling of the two.

Which companies use Birkman Assessment test for evaluation?

Birkman’s Assessment and evaluation test is so accurate that the world’s largest companies accept it as a serious evaluation test. In fact, they are only a part of the massive eight thousand companies that have chosen to accept this test. These companies include the likes of Coca-Cola, JPMorgan, IBM, Philips, Shell, P&G, as well as AT&T. These companies usually specify the type of employee that they need. After which they compare that to the test results for Birkman Assessment test.

What do the Birkman Assessment test scores reflect?

Birkman Assessment is such a complicated and complex test that there can be very different tests for different people. Each person can get one out of the forty different test results. These results are dependent on private and individual tests, or those taken one-to-one. It can also be reflected in a group. The changes are immense. Each of the four categories that a Birkman test tries to measure is analyzed very differently. The specialist, who explains the result, can break the results down in multiple ways. Regardless of the fact that the results may vary, when it comes to grouping, all the results for different categories are brought down into different compartments. This makes them much easier to be understood.


The entire test is then divided into a chart. The chart is divided into four quadrants. The top and bottom quadrants are responsible for understanding whether the candidate is better for getting involved directly with the client, or has to communicate indirectly for better effect. The right and left quadrants give an understanding about how good the candidate is at dealing with people, or dealing with a non-people related task.

How do I pass the Birkman Assessment tests?

The most important thing to do when it comes to Birkman Assessment tests is to practice as much as possible. This will enable the candidate to ensure that they would be able to cater to their weak areas much better, and according to the job profile that they have applied for. Without tailoring the preparation process for the type of job that the candidates have applied for, or the type of job that the company is offering, it would be unwise.

To sum things up

This should help the candidate understand the Birkman Assessment test much better. Whether it comes to the type of tests, or the companies that accept the results, the preparation and the result reflection, this would engage the candidate in active preparation. The Birkman Assessment test preparation is always a difficult one to go through. The career practice exam being a good option to undertake first. A Birkman assessment practice test, or what can also be called as a Birkman Assessment example test, is a good way to understand the requirements of a certain job profile. Finally, the Birkman Assessment Job practice test is one that should be given by every candidate in order to understand their underlying strengths and weaknesses, enabling them to tackle the different areas as required.