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Preparing for clerical aptitude tests for your next job? These tests are basically conducted by the employers to assess the essential abilities of a potential candidate for different administrative roles. Thus, it becomes mandatory to score good in these aptitude tests in order to clear the hiring process. Understanding the importance of these tests, we bring you a well-designed guide that can lend you a helping hand in getting through the exam with flying colors.

These aptitude tests have become an imperative part of different companies’ assessment process. Thus, you need to prepare diligently for these tests. Be it the hiring processes for managerial positions or for clerical posts, most of the candidates are required to pass these tests. This guide, however, talks about the clerical tests and tips for its preparation.

What are Clerical Tests?


Clerical aptitude tests are designed to assess the prospective candidates for administrative roles. These tests play a pivotal role as the candidate needed for clerical posts should be efficient enough to handle the proficiencies of the job. The clerical test usually comprises of different sub tests including Numerical Ability Test, Spelling checking, Verbal Reasoning Tests, etc. Moreover, the clerical tests may also require you to undergo a typing test conducted on screen. This test is usually optional as it is entirely upon the wish of the company taking the assessment test.

How do These Clerical Tests Work?


There are different clerical tests that are used for recruiting for positions, including bank staff, cashiers, clerical workers, warehouse workers, etc. Here is detailed information on different sub tests for clerical posts and how these tests work.

Verbal Reasoning Test

This particular clerical test assesses the candidate’s abilities regarding verbal fluency, vocabulary, as well as reasoning powers for using words. This particular test is appropriate for all kinds of administrative jobs that require the candidate to possess a verbal ability.

Numerical Ability Test

This particular test assesses the candidate’s abilities to make use of numbers in context of administrative and clerical jobs. The candidate is required to portray their potential in using numbers while working, such as managing expenses, calculating different bills, etc. This test is a requisite for assessing the numerical abilities of the potential candidates.

Spelling Ability Test

This test measures the abilities of the candidate to spell different words correctly. The test includes some phrases or sentences with incorrect spellings and the candidate is required to correct these. Sometimes, the candidate may be given different spellings of the same word and the candidate is required to find the correct spelling. This test basically checks the candidate’s potential to go through the data given and proof read it.

Clerical Checking

This test checks the candidate’s potential to assess the data accurately and at a quick pace. These tests are an integral part of many clerical preparation tests. This part of the test assesses your powers to proof read the verbal as well as numerical information given. An example of this test can be a list of telephone numbers that requires you to look for a target against the list.

What Type of Jobs Use Clerical Aptitude Tests for Evaluation?


Clerical aptitude tests have created a special place for themselves in the recruitment process of many companies. Many firms are therefore including these clerical tests for assessing candidates for administrative posts, receptionist jobs, clerical positions, etc. Specific jobs that include these clerical tests are normal office clerk jobs, payroll clerks, in the HR or finance departments, brokerage clerks, court clerks working with judges, and council clerks.      

How difficult are the Clerical tests?


These clerical tests often require the candidates to compare different data and proofread the given statistics. Moreover, some of the tests also ask the candidate to make use of their verbal ease in context of different words. This requires you to make use of abilities to solve word related problems in a given specific time. In addition, spelling tests require the candidate to differentiate between different sets of spellings of the same word. Though these tests may seem easy but they require quick use of reflexes as well as abilities. Thus, you need to practice diligently when preparing for these clerical tests.

How Important Are These Tests For My Evaluation?


An organization’s main structure starts with its administrative and clerical staff. Earlier, the firms never recognized this fact and underestimated this particular section. However, with changing times, firms have understood that they cannot ignore the hiring process of clerical staff. The reason is that a low efficient and underperforming clerk can be hazardous for the organization’s success story. This is where these clerical tests come into picture. These tests are able to properly judge a candidate’s aptitude that comprises of both concentration and data handling powers.

What kind abilities or knowledge do I need to know to pass the Clerical tests?


Clerical tests often require you to work through the different given items in a systematic manner in a flawless manner. These tests are often used for assessing candidates for positions where a minor mistake can lead to major consequences. Thus, you need to make complete use of your concentration powers and that too in the correct place. In other kinds of clerical tests, you need to make use of your verbal and reasoning powers for solving different data problems.