Inductive Reasoning

Getting ready to prepare for inductive reasoning tests for your new job but confused? We present a well crafted guide to assist you in passing the exam with flying colors. This guide takes you on a detailed walk through the inductive reasoning tests. Different firms have started including aptitude assessment tests in their hiring process. These aptitude tests judge a potential candidate’s abilities and logical reasoning powers best suited for the job.


The guide has been developed by professionals who are well versed with inductive reasoning tests. They make it simpler to understand both the basic and complex points of inductive reasoning tests career practice tests. The guide includes tips to pass the test, requisite abilities which are required to pass the test, and many other important points. This guide explains every aspect of inductive reasoning practice tests in simple yet effective language. Thus, you can be rest assured to pass the assessment with to the best of your potential and get that dream job of yours.

What is an inductive reasoning test?

Inductive reasoning tests are soon gaining popularity as an ideal aptitude test. This test is normally used by employers to understand the way in which you basically think in a new situation. The test also assesses your reaction to brand new situations and rules. A psychometric test used mainly by corporate houses, inductive reasoning is an important part of hiring process nowadays. The test identifies a candidate’s powers to identify as well as interpret different patterns. The test is considered to be a good judge of a potential candidate’s performance levels and abilities.

Which Industries Use inductive reasoning test for Evaluation

Inductive reasoning tests are being used by many industries for finding their future employees. The test has given a chance to these industries to find the logical abilities of a person which can make them an ideal candidate. Here are 5 industries which use inductive reasoning test for their evaluation process.
  1. Education
  2. Architecture
  3. Defense
  4. Sales
  5. Recruitment

Which assessment centers use inductive reasoning test for evaluation?

Assessment centers are being nominated by many firms for interviewing and assessing their future potential candidates. Normally, these assessment centers use psychometric assessment tests for the task. Different assessment centers use different assessment tests. Some of the assessment centers which use inductive evaluation tests are CEB SHL, Saville assessment, and Talent Q.

What kinds of jobs are using inductive reasoning test for evaluation?

Inductive reasoning tests have made a special place for themselves in the recruitment process. Witnessing its success rate, more and more firms and industries are adopting this particular aptitude test. Inductive reasoning tests are also being used for hiring candidates for many different job roles. These include clerical staff, administrative staff members, covering both the junior and senior level, and HR executives.

What is the inductive reasoning test passing score?

The passing score of the exam will depend upon the employer who is setting the paper. Moreover, the passing score also depends upon the number of questions that have been asked and the average score depending upon the total score of the exam.

How difficult is the inductive reasoning test?

During the inductive reasoning test, candidates are often presented with various attributes of elements which they have to compare. These attributes can be shapes or colors, in terms of size or numbers. A correct answer requires you to identify correctly the pattern. The test may be demanding in the first place. Thus, it is advisable to practice beforehand for passing the online test.

How important is inductive reasoning for my evaluation?

Inductive reasoning tests are brought into use by different firms for identifying the candidate’s power to solve logical reasoning problems. Thus, many industries which revolve around logical reasoning, such as engineering make use of these tests. However, the test can be useful for candidates as well. The test strengthens your application in many aspects.  Moreover, the test is also your chance as a candidate to portray your skills to identify patterns in a mixture of figures. In addition, you are also able to showcase your accuracy as well as speed in the test. So, practice hard and make maximum use of this inductive reasoning test.

When do I take the Inductive reasoning test?

Your chance to undertake the inductive reasoning test differs from employer to employer. Mostly, the candidate is asked to undertake the inductive reasoning test as a kind of pre-interview screening before the actual assessment event. However, some employers like to organize an inductive reasoning test during the interview only or during the assessment event only. Thus, it is entirely up to your employer when he wants to take the test.

What kind abilities or knowledge do I need to know to pass the inductive reasoning test?

Inductive reasoning test presents to you a set of graphics which follow a particular pattern. You as a candidate would be required to identify which is the correct answer option that would logically follow the sequence. Thus, you need to possess power to logically think in different situations. Moreover, you also need your concentration powers in the right place to pass the inductive reasoning test.

Inductive reasoning test practice tips

Practice tips are imperative for passing any aptitude test. Thus, we bring to you reliable practice tips that would enable you to pass the test with flying colors. Solve a difficult problem in reverse The best way to solve and simplify a confusing pattern is to start solving it in reverse. This will allow you to look at the problem with a fresh new perspective. Look at one aspect of a shape at one time The easiest and quickest way to solve a problem is to look at it holistically. Look at one single element at a time. Manage Your Time Well Most of the inductive reasoning tests are designed to last for about 40 minutes. Thus, you need to manage your time carefully. You should always go through the questions beforehand. This will assist you in estimating how much time you need to spend on a particular question. Try to improve your passive skills Though it is hard to boost your passive skills but it is surely not impossible. Many people find it difficult to manipulate the shapes mentally. However, with proper practice, the task may get a little easier. Practice psychometric tests online Inductive reasoning tests often require the candidates to compare different attributes of elements, such as size or color.  A correct response to these questions would require the candidate to detect a particular pattern. Such tasks may be a little difficult and thus it is advisable for the candidates to practice psychometric tests online.

Types of aptitude tests

Aptitude tests are basically adopted to find out whether a candidate possesses the right skills for a particular job or not. There are basically 10 types of attitude tests which are mainly used by firms worldwide for hiring their employees. These are:
  1. Numerical reasoning tests
  2. Verbal reasoning tests
  3. In-tray exercises
  4. Diagrammatic tests
  5. Situational judgment tests
  6. Inductive reasoning tests
  7. Cognitive ability tests
  8. Mechanical reasoning tests
  9. Error Checking tests
  10. Abstract reasoning tests

Sample questions

This guide brings to you different relevant sample questions which are pertaining to the inductive reasoning tests. These questions range from very simple to difficult questions. Thus, you get an idea about all different kinds of questions which can be asked in the test. In addition, the questions also give you an idea about what to practice for the test. Thus, you can be rest assured to gain high success rate in the inductive reasoning test with these sample questions.

To sum things up

The guide has been designed in a perfect way to answer all basic queries related to inductive reasoning. It explains all the different aspects of passing the inductive reasoning career practice test. In addition, the guide also presents answers to all the doubts pertaining to inductive reasoning practice test.

Why preparing for Inductive reasoning test is important?

Many companies are adding inductive reasoning assessments in their hiring tests. Thus, it becomes imperative for any possible candidate to prepare well for the specific test to get through the hiring procedure.