First things first

Preparing for an assessment or an interview is not an easy task. Your skills require much practice in the right direction. Many professional jobs ask you to take a pre assessment test before even appearing for an interview. Thus, you need to practice well for these tests to get that job. Venn Diagram test is one of those pre assessment tests and requires well formulated practice to get through. Thus, this guide has been designed to lend you a helping hand in knowing more about the Venn Diagram test and to pass the exam to get closer to getting that desirable job.

 What is the Venn Diagram Test?


A Venn Diagram test is basically a set of questions designed while using Venn diagrams. These Venn diagrams are also known as set diagram, logic diagram, or primary diagram. A Venn diagram basically portrays all kinds of possible logical relations between different sets. A candidate who is taking the Venn Diagram Test is provided with 3 elements. These elements may or may not possess any kind of relationship with each other. The candidate is given a choice to select the answer that can correctly determine the relationship within the given elements.

Who needs to take the Venn Diagram Test?

Venn Diagrams are usually termed as a useful tool in the field of statistics. The Venn diagrams are seen as a perfect way to check the potential candidate’s logical reasoning while depicting the relation between a finite set of objects. The main user of these Venn Diagram Tests is FDM, which is an IT service provider as well as a consultancy group. They are known for recruiting high potential graduates for their FDM Graduate Scheme. The FDM assessment centre contains 3 main tests which are used for judging the candidates for the skills need for landing a job in the IT sector. These tests are: FDM Maths Test, FDM Set Notation Test, and FDM Aptitude Test. These tests are a major part of FDM Set Notation tests.

The formation of the Venn Diagram test

The Venn Diagram test contains different questions containing different elements that are related to each other. The candidate is required to select the answer that correctly represents the relationship between these elements. For example, you are provided with elements such as Color, pink, wood. As a candidate, you would be required to select the diagram representing the correct relationship between the given 3 elements.

How to beat the Venn Diagram test?

An effective way to clear the Venn Diagram test is making use of some important tips and tricks. Here are some of them:

  • Read the given question properly. Though this seems to be an imperative step, but many candidates miss out on this step.
  • A particular Venn diagram test may depend upon the Test publisher who has published the test. Thus, if you know who the test publisher is, you can practise similar tests.
  • Stay calm. A quiet and peaceful mind can help you in finding the answer correctly.
  • Try to look for an answer in a methodological manner.
  • Practice, practice, and practice to clear the test with flying colors.

To sum things up

The abovementioned points are sure to assist you in getting through the Venn Diagram test and that too with good marks. You can get all kind of relevant information on this type of test and how to clear the test. Moreover, the video also provides you with tips and tricks to practice well for the test.