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These are tests that will be part of your hiring process for specific companies and organizations

Air Traffic Skill Assessment Test

What You Need to Know About Air Traffic Skill Assessment Test The Air Traffic Controller AT-SA Exam or the Air Traffic Skill Assessment Exam is a test that assesses the capability of the candidate to qualify as an Air Traffic Controller (ATC). The main purpose of this exam is to gauge the ability of the […]

USA Border Patrol Entrance Exam

What is the Border Patrol Entrance Exam? The U.S. Border Patrol Entrance Exam is a test that needs to be taken by a candidate who wishes to compete for the job of a Border Patrol Agent. The test is designed to measure the intelligence and mental aptitude of the taker, in order to assess the […]

The Firefighter Department of the City of New York Exam

The FDNY Exam You might have considered a career in firefighting but not sure what it entails! There are specific physical and academic requirements along with you having to complete the FDNY exam. The fire department of the city of New York exam occurs only once in 5 years and only 10% of the scorers […]

Probation Officer Exam

If you are thinking about taking a Probation officer civil service exam, it is essential that you work on your potential through rigorous preparation for the exams. Here is a comprehensive preparation guide for accomplishing your goal. What is the Probation officer exam? Probation officer exam is the exam you need to pass in order […]

473 Postal Services Aptitude Exam

The Aptitude test Aptitude or even referred to as ability tests can be classified into two categories – speed tests or power tests.  In the speed tests the questions are relatively straightforward and the test aims to determine how many questions you can answer correctly in the expected time. These are often used in administrative and […]

Firefighter Exam

First things first If you have the desire to pursue a career in firefighting, then you need adequate preparation for the written exam. Although there are considerable amount of study materials and resources available online and offline, choosing the most accurate material can be quite challenging. This guide will help you to know the different […]

Federal Air Marshal Exam

First things first Federal Air Marshals play a crucial role in ensuring and maintaining the safety standards at airports. It requires a whole lot of skills like sharp observation, profound memory, proficiency in English language, and a sound sense of judgment to successfully pass the Federal Air Marshal Assessment Battery to finally make your way […]

911 Dispatcher Test

First things first Want to know more about 911 dispatcher tests and what it takes to be one? This guide highlights some of the most important aspects of the test and how you can prepare for it in an easy manner. Before you prepare for the test, it is pertinent to know what it takes […]

Federal Civil Service Exams

First things first Are you looking to serve your country by applying for a federal job? Kudos to you on being a patriot! However, once you have made the decision to apply for a job, you would be wondering what to apply for and in which service you would find your calling. Here is a […]

Clerical Aptitude Tests

First things first Preparing for clerical aptitude tests for your next job? These tests are basically conducted by the employers to assess the essential abilities of a potential candidate for different administrative roles. Thus, it becomes mandatory to score good in these aptitude tests in order to clear the hiring process. Understanding the importance of […]