What is the Predictive Behavioral Assessment?

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment helps to provide the accurate pattern of your coral drives. It also also looks into your behaviors and needs. This assessment helps to identify the behaviors of your working place, which makes it easier for you to gain knowledge about the drives and motivations of others, so that you can communicate with your co-workers more confidently and can also be a better manager.

This test is very effective which can be used to measure the four core drives of behavior. The four cores include extraversion, dominance, formality and patience.

How does the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment work?

This test consists of a free choice format. Individuals are presented with two sets of adjectives, in which 86 items would be there. Then the individuals are asked to confirm those adjectives which describe them. There is also the second set where they need to confirm those adjectives, which they feel others should embrace. After the summation result of the two domains, a third domain is created which is also known as the synthesis, which easily reflects the behavior of the concerned employee in your work place.

This assessment takes only about ten minutes and is also available in paper & pencil format besides the web based format. Besides the four primary behavioral cores, the predictive index also assesses the other two personalities- response level and decision making.

What industries use Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment test for evaluation?

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment has always provided with dates which proved to be very important for solving the business related issues and challenges. It is now scientifically proven and validated against large populations, in the area of many industries all around the globe. This test has always supported the relationship between workplace and behavior, which resulted in profitable workplace outcomes like turnover, tenure, customer satisfaction and also sales.

Today the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment test is used by many industries like manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, business services, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare and even transportation. The PI Assessment is your key for a successful business evaluation, as it has the potential to increase team work and also improves the present status of your company.

What kind of jobs use Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment test for evaluation?

Most of the job offering companies often find it difficult to properly assess a fit for the job candidate. So, most of the jobs that you will find today, go for PI Index Assessment in order to find. Whether a candidate will be happy in his/her position and also whether the candidate will be staying with them for long term. Also, only determining the personality of a person for the job would not be enough. Ability, experience and motivation also play important roles in the assessment. You can also find that under which conditions the candidate performs the best and how much the candidate is adaptable.

Jobs like accounting, financing, hotel management, business, healthcare etc., today uses the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment.

How difficult is the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment test?

Many people often find the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment test very difficult. In most cases, the tests which are used for hiring the candidates are either free choice or forced choice. The forced choice type of personality assessment is most of the time longer than the free choice ones, it consists over hundred questions for the candidates.

The free choice assessments are much easier than the forced choice. It gives you the complete freedom to choose as many or as little descriptions about your behavior, as you desire. Bases on your own preference and perception, you can clear the free choice type of assessment. In the free choice type of assessment, you are presented with multiple choice questions. In this, what you select and what you don’t and also how many options you have selected in total, all determines how well you performed in the assessment. For the best results, you can opt for the various practice tests for predictive assessments available.

How important is Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment for my evaluation?

For your evaluation for the perfect job, Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment is really important. It can measure your capacity or rather capability of coping up with the workplace. It also helps you to easily adapt with the other workers there. With this test you can also let the company know about yourself, like you can give them portraiture of yourself and your needs. The test allows you to determine how to react in different situations, and also where you should not react. The comparison between yourself and your self concept can help you relieve the tension between you and your workplace or job.

What kind of abilities or knowledge do I need to know to pass the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment test?

Most of the employers use the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment at the time of hiring to prioritize the perfect list of candidates for the job. One of the basic things you need to know before going for a predictive test is to properly study the employer’s website or social media page, and try to gather some idea about their ideals and values. Also, studying the description of the job is required. Once you have gathered all the knowledge about the employer, just take the test as you are already an employee of that company. For the best outcome of the test, opt for the various test preparation activities available throughout the web now.

Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment test practice tips

  • Try to be consistent in your choice of selecting the adjectives.
  • Try to consider each of the adjectives from the perspective view of the employer.
  • Always research well about the employer.
  • Approach for the adjectives in accordance with the goals and adjectives of the company.
  • If possible try to opt for an example test.

To sum things up

Everyone is not the same. Each and every candidate applying for a job cannot be same. So, the employers opt for the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment, which helps them to properly assess the candidates from their own views and attitudes.

You should try to properly practice for the test before opting for the real one. It can help you e more confident on yourself on the real time of assessment. Go for the practice test, by which it will be easier for you to cope up with the pattern of the adjectives and the questions.